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A Day in the Life of a Planner

Erika Hakansson

Girl Behind a Sheet
7th May 2015
What's your official job title?

Strategic Planner, at M&C Saatchi Stockholm

How would you describe to your parents/grand parents what you do?

My mum is quite interested and knows pretty well what I do, but to grandma I’d say I try to find ways to make advertising smarter.

How would you actually describe what you do?

Through extensive research I find surprising truths about people and brands to connect the two, igniting powerful ideas that can actually make a difference.

Please could you write a sentence or two on what you were doing at the following times today/yesterday?

While waiting for our weekly all-employee meeting to start, I chat with some colleagues about our weekends while checking my email.


Sat down for a check-in with the creative team on a project we’re about to present next week. I briefed them last week but gave some updated insights on a segment we’re targeting. Also gave input to some initial ideas.


Getting back from an hour-long lunch break and replying to some emails I’d gotten while out. Followed by my favorite time of the day where I actually get something done. Today I wrote a creative brief but that’s not happening every day.


Arrived at a client’s office for a meeting. It was just me, our Account Director and their CMO, who met to discuss some additions to their communication strategy that I’ve been working on as a result of some new research we conducted earlier this year.


Back at the office and reading through some documents in preparation for a meeting tomorrow.

7pm (or whatever time your work day generally ends)

Been home for an hour or so since I usually leave the office at around 6pm. Now, trying to answer all these questions!

If you left your job right now, what wouldn't happen as a result?

Probably a good thing, but not quite as much 90’s pop would be sung at the agency’s karaoke nights…

What's the most interesting thing you've done in the last month?

Developed and presented a comprehensive strategy for how to reach a crucial segment for one of our key clients, which will lead to both product development and a new communication concept.

What's the worst thing you've done in the past month?

Worked long hours to finish that strategy on time…

What are you wearing today?

Pretty much the exact same thing as everyday. A few weeks back I decided to stop wasting energy and time on what to wear, and found this silk blouse that I bought a whole bunch of, in a few different colors. Today’s color was mint.

What's the one piece of advice you'd give someone trying to get your job?

Stay curious.

What's the one thing you wish you'd known before you started?

There’s no rule to how planning is supposed to be done. One size fits none.

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