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APG Workshops

Jon Leach Workshop.png

The 16 Most Useful Strategy Models and Frameworks

This practical half day workshop with Jon Leach will teach you how to use the most powerful strategic models available to planners. You’ll learn a series of strategy frameworks that you can use to solve your branding problems, including Brand Positioning, Customer segmentation, Comms, Campaign Planning, Psychology/market insight generation, Project Planning, Selling and much, much more.

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12th June 2024

APG Insights Safari (full day).png

Insights Safari with Oliver Feldwick

This APG workshop is a full day seminar learning new, ‘gonzo’ techniques for developing insights and ideas. ​​It’s primarily for more junior planners and strategists who want lots of new ideas and ways in for writing briefs, dealing with client requests and answering questions that require new approaches and ways of thinking.


Led by Oliver Feldwick, Head of Innovation at The&Partnership

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APG Telling Stories with Data and Sam Knowles.png

Telling Stories with Data

There are two skills every planner and strategist needs if they’re going to thrive: The ability to interrogate and make sense of data, and the ability to use the insights from data to persuade others to take action. At its simplest, the equation underpinning modern business impact is this: Analytics + Storytelling = Influence.

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Workshop with Oli Feldwick.png

Build a Brand in 90 Minutes

Oli Feldwick, Head of Innovation at The&Partnership is a strategy and AI expert.  He’s at the forefront of thinking about how we could and should use AI for creative strategy and the practical use of the tools at our disposal.


His ‘How To Use Gen AI and Chat GPT’ was an APG sell-out earlier this year so luckily for us he’s volunteered to run a more in-depth practical workshop. In this session you will get hands-on and sleeves-up in applying AI in the everyday, and learning what works (and what doesn’t).

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APG Insights Workshop with Sam Knowles.png

Insightful every time, techniques for developing insights

This workshop is designed for planners and strategists who are newer to the world of insights and want to know how to apply insight to the development of strategy and creative work. You will learn about how to develop a more insightful way of thinking and an effective and easy to understand process for developing insights to solve strategic problems

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Slides to Sofas.png

From Slides to Sofas: How to create compelling strategic content based on in-home interviews 

This practical half day session will teach you how to do empathetic and revelatory interviews with people in their own homes. You’ll discover how to use some of the skills of ethnographers, journalists and documentary makers to get to the truth and how to edit your video, photographic and intellectual content in a compelling way that captures their reality and convinces both clients and creatives.

Led by Mark Hadfield, Founder or Meet the 85%

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APG Workshop with Julian Saunders.png

How to Run a Really Useful Workshop

A Really Useful Workshop is not rocket science but it does need a lot of thought, careful planning and an understanding of how to run it and how to get the best out of people.

So we’ve got together with Julian Saunders to pull together all the thinking and tools you need into a rocket-fuelled 3 hours of the theory and practice of running a really good one.

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APG Training Course Cancellation Policy

Should you cancel your booking for an APG training course, the following cancellation policy will apply: For a cancellation made more than 30 calendar days in advance of the training course, a full rebate will be applied. For a cancellation more than ten calendar days in advance of the training course, a rebate of 50% will be applied. For a cancellation less than ten days in advance of the training course no rebate will be applied.

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