APG Top Models and Super Models

The most useful strategic models and how to apply them. With Jon Leach.

There are two series of models: The Top Models series which is complete and available below, and the new Super Models series which will be appearing week by week and posted below until summer 2021.


The idea is to create and house a broad library of strategy frameworks. Each one is an essay conceived and written by Jon Leach and consisting of a mix of theory, real life examples and practical tips on how to apply them. In doing so he has drawn not only on his eclectic brain and capacious memory, but also on vivid examples of all kinds of strategic problems he has encountered in his long and varied planning career working across creative, brand, PR, sports marketing and more…

The Top Models Series covers all the more ‘basic’ models and approaches. There are 11 in all. The essays variously contain:

  • Explanations

  • References and theory 

  • Case history examples

  • A step by step recipe for applying the model

  • Suggested tasks that let you have a go yourself

The Super Models Series is more advanced, and can encompass a range of models rather than concentrating on just one. These more sophisticated essays build on knowledge you can acquire by reading and playing with the Top Models.  There are 13 Super Models in all.

How to search for a specific model

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Top Model 1: Just for Starters

This is the first in a smorgasbord of models and frameworks that we will lay before you over the coming weeks. Much like a good hotel, we hope to serve you up something fresh and tasty on most visits (although weekend service may be a little patchy.....

Top Model 2: I Hear Jerusalem Bells Are Ringing

As we saw in Model 1, a two by two is a good basic tool for planners. But a two by two derived from hard data is a great tool, if you want to rule the world, and clients rise when you give your word.

Top Model 3: Together We Map

It is no coincidence that the strategy process is, at is most reductive, “where are we now, where do we want to get to, and how do we get there?”. A good map or model can help us in that strategic process.

Top Model 4: All the Single Ladies

Stretching the limits of the two by two, and using archetypes, to boost your empathy with consumers.

Top Model 5: Teenage Mutant Ninja Models

The Boston Matrix, and some slightly tricky maths, shows how smokers might take to vaping.

Top Model 6: Fine Slicing the Internet of Beef

Searching out two by twos on the internet to map out today’s Twitter culture wars.

Top Model 7: Waving not Drowning

Using Alvin Toffler’s Third Wave model to place asthma devices, Brexit and China in context.

Top Model 8: The Road to Angmering Pier

How the Greiner Growth model can re-boot your agency or department.

Top Model 9: Pilfering other People’s Pyramids