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Noisy Thinking is back! Pre-pandemic Noisy Thinking was the lynchpin of the APG events calendar. An exuberant and often provocative chance to debate the questions that Planners are asking, it’s way of bringing people together and helping us all working where we stand on the issues that vex, stimulate and inspire.  We plan to hold these events in person as more people are back in the office.

APG Noisy Thinking

APG Noisy Thinking.png

Is Pre-testing Helping or Hindering Creativity?

Noisy Pretesting.png

19th March 2024

Speakers: Sarah Carter, Jon Evans, Craig Inglis and Martin Beverley

What is ‘reputation’? Is it different from ‘brand’?


21st March 2024

Speakers: Daniel Deeks-Osburn, Gen Kobayashi, Jo Juber and Emily Harlock

New Challenger Strategies: The Big Themes and How to Apply them to your Brands

29 January 2020

Adam Morgan - Noisy Thinking.png

Speaker: Adam Morgan

How do you Plan?

23 January 2019


Speakers: Raquel Chicourel, Craig Mawdsley and Milla McPhee

Planners' Cannes

19 June 2019

Planners Cannes.jpg

Speakers: Jo Arden, Kevin Chesters, Vicki Holgate & Cat Wiles

How do you plan faster and more effectively?

27 March 2019


Speakers: Amelia Torode, Sera Miller, Dom Boyd and Lucy Jameson

The Right to Disconnect 

24 September 2019


Speakers: Charlie Wells, Vicki Holgate, Helen Andrews, Matt Tanter & Chetan Murthy.

How do you keep strategy interesting? 

22 May 2019

How do you keep strategy interesting?.jp

Speakers: Rob Campbell, Sophie Lewis and Nick Hirst

Is it possible to think long term any more?

12 November 2019

Business Bites Back.png

Speakers: Tom Roach, Elly Fenlon, Kieran Bradshaw, Richard Storey and Paul Cowper

The Art of Persuasion - How do you get your idea over the line?

15 February 2018


Speakers: Jim Carroll, Marie Oldham, Laura Jordan Bombach and Martin Beverley

Alastair Campbell on what’s happening to political brands?

19 June 2018


Speaker: Alastair Campbell

If the structure of our industry is broken, what do strategists do next?

13 March 2018


Speakers: Ian Leslie, Sally Weavers, Stuart Smith and Guy Murphy

'How Not To Plan' Planning Surgery

21 November 2018

APG Noisy Thinking.jpeg

Speakers: Sarah Carter & Les Binet

How best to make sense of the world now? 20 Strategic Tools

26 April 2018


Speakers: Chris Arning, Alex Steer, Dr. Adam Gill, George Webster and Lucas Galan

Why aren't strategists impacting client's bottom line?

8 March 2017

APG Noisy Thinking

Speakers: Pete Markey, Martin Hayward and Bridget Angear

Does Brand Purpose have a point?

21 September 2017


Speakers: Richard Shotton, Ian Leslie, Daianna Karaian and Marie Maurer

Do we need target audiences any more?

26 April 2017


Speakers: Andy Davidson, Frank Durden, Verra Budimlija, Will Whalley and Lucy Jameson

Which bits of your job are going to be taken over by robots, and what are you going to do about it?

6 November 2017

APG Noisy Thinking

Speakers: Amelia Torode, Oli Feldwick, Ronnie Crosbie & Russell Davies

In a disruptive world, what skills do strategists really need to survive?

15 June 2017

APG Noisy Thinking

Speakers: Shekhar Deshpande, Fern Miller, Vicki Holgate and Lisa Bowcott

What inspires you?

6 December 2017


Speakers: Simon Wassef, Kate Waters, Clare Hutchinson, Pete Buckley, Chris Baker and Clare Phillips

What is a Brand Nowadays?

1 February 2016

David Wilding.png

Speakers: Dom Boyd, David Wilding, Mark Bell, Nick Kendall and Jane Buck

Brand Lessons from Brexit - Why did we stop listening?

19 September 2016


Speakers: Alex Batchelor, Helen Job and Matthew Taylor

Is big data making strategy irrelevant?

18 April 2016


Speakers: Les Binet, Lazar Dzamic, Shorful Islam and Leo Rayman

Why did we stop thinking beyond next week?

18 October 2016

Bogdana Butnar

Speakers: Richard Shotton, Dr. Guido Orgs and Bogdana Butnar

Collaboration in practice and how it can lead to great strategy and great work

6 June 2016


Award-winning teams told us how working together made the difference on Sainsbury's and This Girl Can

What transformed your thinking in 2016?

29 November 2016

Stuart Bowden

Speakers: Lilli English, Stuart Bowden, James Caig, Kevin Chesters and Fern Miller

21st Century Strategy

11 March 2015

21 Century Strategy.png

Speakers: Agathe Guerrier, Neil Perkin and Giles Rhys Jones

How do you get noticed and influence people?

7 July 2015

Faris Yakob.jpg

Speakers: Faris Yakob

The future is bright, the future is....

14 April 2015

Future Bright.jpg

Speakers: Pippa Morris, Enni-Kukka Tuomala, Thomas Griffiths, Hannah Mackenzie, Sam Reid and Melanie 

How does Advertising work in the 21st Century?

22 September 2015

adv in C21.jpg

Speakers: Paul Feldwick and Giles Hedger

Reasons to be Grumpy

9 June 2015

Jon Steel.jpg

Speakers: Jon Steel

Planning in a Post-Capitalist World

17 November 2015


Speakers: Kirsty Fuller, Fern Miller and Tracey Follows

What is an insight?

4 February 2014

What is an insight_.png

Speakers: Tracey Follows, Andy Davidson, Nick Hirst, David Wilding, Caitlin Ryan and John Griffiths

Planners' Cannes

14 July 2014

Planners cannes.jpg

Speakers: Matthew Heath, Patrick Collister and Rachel Hatton

What makes a good brief?

18 March 2014

What makes a good brief_.png

Speakers: Thiago de Moraes, David Hackworthy, Craig Mawdsley and Nathan Guerra

Whatever happened to brand building?

16 September 2014

Brand Building.png

Speakers: David Wilding, Alex Dunsdon and Mark Given

Why do women feel alienated by advertising?

20 May 2014

Women & Advertising.png

Speakers: Jane Cunningham, Kate Smither, Rachel Pashley and Richard Huntington

What makes an idea influential?

24 November 2014

What makes an idea influential_.png

Speakers: Dom Boyd, Chris Gallery and Tracey Follows

"I wouldn't let a planner near my boardroom"

5 February 2013

Paul Feldwick and Simon Gulliford.png

Speakers: Paul Feldwick & Simon Gulliford

Content is King

5 November 2013

Content is King.png

Speakers: Kirsty Saddler, Nathan Guerra and Nick Price

What is an idea?

24 April 2013

What is an idea_.png

Speakers: Tracey Follows, Richard Storey, and Jim Carroll

When did Planning get so small? Is new 'tech' crowding out big thinking?

27 November 2013

When did Planning Get so small_.png

Speakers: Tracey Follows, David Hackworthy and Alex Dunsdon

Planners get the research they deserve

25 June 2013

Planners get research.png

Speakers: Wendy Gordon, John Griffiths and Kirsty Fuller

When I'm CSO

10 December 2013

When I am CSO.png

Speakers: Lucian Trestler, Vinay Chaudhri, Stuart Harrison, Simin Radmanesh, Hamish Cameron, Max Keane & Mel Arrow

What is the Future of Planning?

8 March 2012

Future of Planning.png

Speakers: Adam Morgan, Richard Huntington and Cameron Saunders

Whoever 'owns' the data owns the conversation

3 September 2012

Who Owns Data.png

Speakers: Andy Nairn, Sue Unerman and Rory Sutherland

Business Bites Back

9 May 2012

Business Bites Back.png

Speakers: Andy Fennell, Mark Lund, Alison Hardy and Doctor Foster

Planning 3.0 - Planning without a roadmap

8 October 2012

Planning 3.0.png

Speakers: Tracey Follows, David Hackworthy and Alex Dunsdon

Noisy Thinking Goes Global

26 June 2012

APG Noisy Thinking Goes Global.png

Speakers: Guy Murphy, John Shaw and Jackie Hughes

Drinking from the well of inspiration

26 November 2012


Speakers: Craig Mawdsley, Richard Huntington, Rachel Hatton, Russell Davies and Malcolm White

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