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APG Noisy Thinking 2020

Our flagship evening event held 6 times a year. Each event addresses a provocative question or current theme focused on Planning & Strategy. These events are supported by Google.

Due to COVID-19, we have had to cancel theses events until further notice.

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New Challenger Strategies: The Big Themes and How to Apply them to your Brands

29th January 2020
29 January

Noisy Thinking is given over to Adam Morgan and his latest challenger thinking. Like many others, I read his book 'Eating the Big Fish' as a young planner and it opened my eyes to a completely different way of thinking about and doing business. 

His new book is Overthrow II, featuring 10 new challenger strategies. He will talk about the themes that are most useful to planners and strategists working on client business (behemoths, antediluvians and legacy brands included), with lots of inspiration for positioning and growing brands.

For the last 20 years Adam has run a hugely successful brand consultancy, EatBigFish, and been the author of 5 highly influential books.

He will be on stage with Hugh Cameron, Chair of PHD Media, the agency that collaborated with him on the book. They will pack their talk with current examples and make sure that it includes a mix of real strategic inspiration and basic tools and tips that you can take back to you desk and use the next day. 

Sarah Newman

APG Director

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