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APG Awards Events

All your APG Creative Strategy Awards events in one place.

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How creative strategy can help solve tackle huge business problems and societal challenges

This is a series of events for APG members where we examine the ingredients for success and talk to the award winning planners about how and why it worked. If ever you questioned your role as a creative strategist, you can rest assured that done well, this is magic.

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11 January 2022

Cadbury Wins Grand Prix.png
Awards: Grand Prix & The Nursery Special Prize for Best Contribution to Brand

How do you follow the ‘best ad ever’? You re-discover the brand’s roots of generosity and restore its original purpose. Planner and Author Sophie Kerbegian and Executive Creative Director, Chris Birch, generously share how planning breathed new light into Cadbury, turning around the fortunes of an iconic but ailing FMCG brand.


25 January 2022

Award: Gold

How do you utilize a tiny budget to create a huge impact? Childline is a fantastic example of how you use quantitative data and bring it to life with real understanding. This campaign dismantled the harmful self-perceptions of a generation of young people for a charity that can help. Kit Altin, CSO, and Lucas Peon, CCO of The Gate London share the behind the scenes of Childline’s ‘Nobody is Normal’ campaign.

McDonald's Canada

1 February 2022

McDonald's Canada - Friends Wanted.png
Awards: Gold & Davies+McKerr Special Prize for Best Insight

These strategists could have overlooked this mundane client brief. But instead, they found a radical solution that dismantled the harmful self-perceptions of GenZ and created one of the most successful recruitment campaigns in McDonald’s Canada’s history. Cossette’s Max Keane shares their journey behind the ‘Friends Wanted’ campaign.

13 January 2022

Formula E.png
Awards: Gold & Special Prize for Best Application of Broad Thinking

Embracing your weaknesses as a brand is not an easy feat, but in this case, it paid off. Formula E was able to create excitement in an industry that was in jeopardy and turned a profit for the first season in its history. Authors Peter Wilson and Matt Rebeiro share how they turned their strategy from defense into attack.


26 January 2022

Awards: Gold & Pinterest Special Prize for Inspired Creative Thinking

When you’ve already smashed the taboos in a category, what do you do next? This is a brilliant example of using truth and creativity to help a brand punch way above its share of voice and pushing an already groundbreaking campaign further to build the business. AMV BBDO’s author Bea Farmelo and creatives Augustine Cerf and Lauren Peters illuminate their thinking behind the ‘#wombstories’ campaign.


3 February 2022

Awards: Gold & Special Prize for Best Example of Diversity & Inclusion

In this campaign, planning made a major contribution towards informed awareness and acceptance of trans people, helping an unpopular corporation take on a sensitive societal issue with overwhelming support. Planner, Raj Thambirajah, and Creative Director, Eli Vasiliou, share behind the curtains for the Starbucks campaign ‘What’s Your Name?’.


20 January 2022

Award: Gold

It’s a brave move to encourage people not to buy your brand. And the ‘Guinness Clear’ campaign did just that. They not only confronted the impact of heavy drinking during Six Nations and helped consumers build healthier habits around drinking, but increased the ROI in the process, creating a positive change for both the consumer and the brand. Hear AMV BBDO’s David Edwards and his creative partner Tim Riley as they discuss their strategy behind the campaign

KFC UK & Ireland

27 January 2022

KFC UK&I.png
Award: Gold

What if you embraced the competition instead of fighting them? This case is a lesson in brand confidence and shows how to re-establish market leadership and brand stature in a mature market. Tatiana Jezierski, Strategy Director from Mother tells their story behind creating this one of a kind campaign.

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