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APG Fireside Chats with Kev Chesters

2nd, 16th & 30th November 2021

November’s APG events turn the spotlight on Kev Chesters. Kev is Partner at Harbour London and a recently published author. He will be musing on a series of topics, all of which have an important but stimulatingly tangential relationship with the art and science of Planning.


In the spirit of hybrid working life, they will be part talk and part chat. So gear up for half an hour of serious stimulation followed by half an hour of questions and conversation. These sessions are free to APG members and £25+vat for non-members.

You can book the first two of these now. The third will be available to book early November 2021.

Please note: These events will not be recorded

How to Create Time for Creativity in a Fast World

2nd November | 5pm to 6pm GMT

Axiomatic for Planners, as we are asked to do more and more in less and less time. You can’t create or stop time, but this will help you change your relationship with it.

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How to Tell Better Stories

16th November | 5pm to 6pm GMT

Learn invaluable lessons that Kev has distilled from interviews with the people who tell stories for a living in very different media:  A vicar, a sculptress, authors, journalists and a quilter.

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Why Do We Persist with Predictions?

30th November | 5pm to 6pm GMT
(Location TBC)

It’s that time of year when your client asks you to tell them what’s going to happen next. We’re in thrall to predictions but it’s a flawed ‘science’ and mostly way off. Why do we do it? And what can we learn about it in a post-Covid world for consumers?

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28 July 2021

Creative Nudge Book Launch.png

Kevin Chesters & Mick Mahoney believe you can be whoever or whatever you want to be in this life - but you are being held back by a conspiracy. A combination of biology (simple human traits) and sociology (societal conventions) is stopping us all from being the person we know we could be. This book is designed to overcome our natural programming and the straight jacket of society, so we can release our inner creative potential. It’s not hard. It just takes a few small nudges.

How to stay positive in a world going to sh*t

9 October 2019


Flamingo's panel explored a number of ways in which the world is creating movements and frameworks for positive change.

The Power of Emotion

4 June 2019

APG_ITV_The Power of Emotion.jpeg

We got together with ITV to celebrate some of the most persuasive thinking outlined in the APG's 'Eat Your Greens' compendium of fact-based marketing thinking. 


Resilience & Mental Wellbeing

27 February 2019

Cat Wiles, Richard Martin and Paul Phillips talked to us about their experiences and gave some useful tips and advice for dealing with Mental Health in the workplace.

APG Awards 2017 Judges Tell All

11 April 2018

The panel discussed the characteristics of transformational thinking, the themes that emerged from last year’s winners, and the techniques any brand could use to move beyond the conventions of its competition.

How do you tell stories that grip the nation?

6 September 2017

Successful soaps feel like a recipe for great communications, so what can brands can learn from them?

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Fast Strategy

13 June 2017