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21 November 2023

APG PR Planning Event.png

More real life, real people and some great stories of how to do great PR Planning. We heard from Martijn Nieuwenhuis (winner of the APG Creative Strategy Awards PR Prize) who will gave his winning pitch, a view on why this won from Rob Alexander and some real world examples of PR Planning at its best, with Teodora Coste and Will Butterworth.​

Kicking Down Doors

17 October 2023

APG Event_Kicking Down Doors.png

‘This Girl Can’, Barbie and Bodyform/Libresse are all APG Grand Prix winners that have had a positive impact on women’s lives as well as impacting the bottom line or changing behaviour. We asked the planners who won, what was required to have that much of an effect on culture and behaviour and what planners need to do to keep up the impetus for change.

New Growth Strategies for Brands

21 March 2023

Growth Event(1).png

What do eating insect protein, masochism and microdosing have in common? They are all marginal behaviours that give us clues about new future growth potential for brands. Can you make ‘dirty’ money green and is ‘alt’ growth the answer for business? The answer is yes…but you have to know what should and should not grow as you transition to a different business model.


Dr Helen Edwards and Leo Rayman talked about their new ideas for stimulating brand growth against a backdrop of economic uncertainty and climate change.

Does Purpose have a Point?

2 November 2022


Purpose seems to have dominated brand marketing for the last few years - but does purpose have a point?

This evening event explored the definition of purpose, its relationship with profit, and its role in effective marketing.

​Our expert panel debated this issue and were not be afraid to be provocative! It included How Not to Plan authors and purpose experts: Les Binet and Sarah Carter, and DuBose Cole.

Does Research Kill Ads?

5 July 2022

APG Does Research Kills Ads_.png

Does research always mean the death knell of campaigns destined for greatness, falling foul of rigid testing regimes and bored consumers? Or are we too craven to properly consult the people we need to engage, and work with research companies to create work that bridges the divide? 


As always, we try to ask the big questions so we rounded up some really clever people with a stake in the process to help us answer them: Kerry Collinge, Louise Horner and Omar El-Gammal.

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Carving Out Time to Think

23 March 2022

Time To Think Event.png

How do we become the planners of our own working lives? Following on from the APG Time To Think report, Success & Confidence Coach Dana Stevens leads a practical session on how you can carve out the time you need to make great work. Dana helps you reframe the way you think about your time, gives you tips on how to protect your boundaries and leads a discussion on the practical realities you are facing today.

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Fireside Chats with Kev Chesters: Why do we Persist with Predictions

30 November 2021

Kev Chesters Fireside Chats.png

It’s that time of year when your client asks you to tell them what’s going to happen next. We’re in thrall to predictions but it’s a flawed ‘science’ and mostly way off. Why do we do it? And what can we learn about it in a post-Covid world for consumers?

Book Launch: 'The Creative Nudge' with Kevin Chesters

28 July 2021

Creative Nudge Book Launch.png

Kevin Chesters & Mick Mahoney believe you can be whoever or whatever you want to be in this life - but you are being held back by a conspiracy. A combination of biology (simple human traits) and sociology (societal conventions) is stopping us all from being the person we know we could be. This book is designed to overcome our natural programming and the straight jacket of society, so we can release our inner creative potential. It’s not hard. It just takes a few small nudges.

How to stay positive in a world going to sh*t

9 October 2019


Flamingo's panel explored a number of ways in which the world is creating movements and frameworks for positive change.

The Power of Emotion

4 June 2019

APG_ITV_The Power of Emotion.jpeg

We got together with ITV to celebrate some of the most persuasive thinking outlined in the APG's 'Eat Your Greens' compendium of fact-based marketing thinking. 

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Resilience & Mental Wellbeing

27 February 2019

APG Mental Well Being & Resilience.jpg

Cat Wiles, Richard Martin and Paul Phillips talked to us about their experiences and gave some useful tips and advice for dealing with Mental Health in the workplace.

APG Awards 2017 Judges Tell All

11 April 2018

APG Awards Judges Tell All.png

The panel discussed the characteristics of transformational thinking, the themes that emerged from last year’s winners, and the techniques any brand could use to move beyond the conventions of its competition.

How do you tell stories that grip the nation?

6 September 2017


Successful soaps feel like a recipe for great communications, so what can brands can learn from them?

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Fast Strategy

13 June 2017

Fast Strategy

A morning for planners and strategists who tested their skills in using raw data and trends to develop fast and interesting strategic approaches.

Careers in Strategy

29 June 2016

Career in Strategy

A session exploring different 'flavours' of strategy and the diverse ways that planners and strategists can forge a career.

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Great, profitable, growth-generating brands: What's love got to do with it?

16 June 2015

APG & Flamingo Panel Discussion

The evening was chaired by James Parsons and featured Jane Lingham and Kirsty Fuller speaking on behalf of 'love' and Laurence Green and Mark Murray on behalf of Byron Sharp's principle that brand growth is driven by penetration.

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Planning in Broadcasting

15 November 2012

Planning in Broadcasting

In broadcasting, the barriers and opportunities thrown up by new technology are just as acute as in the rest of the commercial communication worlds.

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The Art of Persuasion

4 May 2010

Dave Trott

Dave Trott's approach to advertising combines everything from the tough New York “punch-on-the-nose” approach, to philosophy and lateral thinking.

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9 November 2023

APG Event Reality Bites.png

Are we guilty of collaborating with a marketing metaverse? How can you write a good brief if you’re not attending to the real lives of your target audience?

An evening of truth telling, live with Richard Huntington, Mark Hadfield, Kate Waters and Lucy Irving.

Do planners know what the f*** is going on?

27 June 2023

APG WTF Event.png

Richard Huntington and Mark Hadfield debriefed their searingly honest research and social commentary research with guidance as to what it means for creative planners in the UK now.

Thinking Sideways

30 November 2022

Thinking Sideways.jpg

The APG has collaborated with dyslexic reading platform, LEO to make some of the winning case studies from the APG Creative Strategy Awards much more accessible. To celebrate this we held a fascinating event to explore what dyslexic thinking is. We asked what planners could learn from the unique super power that is dyslexic thinking and how they can productively bring some of it into their work.

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Do Consumers Kill Ideas?

25 October 2022

Do Consumers Kill Ideas_

Blaming the research, deriding the real people behind the glass, 'protecting' the integrity and glory of the 'idea'. We've all done it, and we're still doing it. But why?

​Whatever your view, Raquel Chicourel, Steven Lacey, Pauline McGowan and Theo Francis came to educate, elucidate and explain how we can do the whole thing so much better, and use people and research to nurture and celebrate ideas.

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Can Agencies and Clients Create Great Work Together?

15 June 2022

Clients and Creativity.png

Planners sometimes move into client roles. Some stay, and others go back to agency strategy roles. So we’re going to talk to them about what they have learned from experiences on the other side of the fence, about client needs and expectations and how planners, clients and creatives can. What insights can they bring us about developing strategy and creative, and what can we learn about working more constructively with clients?

Time to Think

9 March 2022

Time To Think.png

In a short survey before Xmas we asked you, planners and strategists, about your pandemic/hybrid working patterns, and we used what you told us to pinpoint the problems facing the planning community and we used the data to come up with some genuinely useful and actionable ideas for making things better. We’ve called it ‘Time to Think’.

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Fireside Chats with Kev Chesters: How to Tell Better Stories

16 November 2021

APG Fireside Chats with Kev Chesters.png

Learn invaluable lessons that Kev has distilled from interviews with the people who tell stories for a living in very different media:  A vicar, a sculptress, authors, journalists and a quilter.

Insights About People & Creativity for a Post-Pandemic World

12 May 2021

Home Page.png

Huge changes to the way we work and think during the last year have up-ended some of our assumptions about understanding people and inspiring creativity. Lucy Banister and Alaina Crystal share new ideas and habits for the rest of the year and beyond.

Ted 2019 in 60 mins with Kev Chesters

6 August 2019

Kev Chesters and APG.jpeg

Kevin Chesters, CSO at Ogilvy has crunched TED2019 and come up with a blinder of presentation with highlights and themes from this year’s brain box festival.

How do you make people healthier?

7 May 2019


People often ask where a career in planning can take them, so we thought we would try and answer that question, by getting together a huddle of brilliant agency planners who have spread their wings into new areas.

Gen Z: Redefining Authority

19 September 2018

Gen Z: Redefining Authority.jpg

Strategic insight agency Flamingo launched its latest piece of proprietary research: on Generation Z and their expanding notions of authority.


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How to Turn Uncertainty into Advantage

1 November 2017

flamingo-uncertainty .png

Speakers: Andy Davidson, Laura Roberts, Desirée Lopez and Guido Orgs

Ted 2017 in 60 Minutes

19 July 2017

TED2017 in 60 Minutes

Kevin Chesters, CSO at Ogilvy has crunched TED2017 and come up with a blinder of presentation with highlights and themes from this year’s brain box festival.

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APG & The Guardian on Cannes 2016

20 July 2016

APG & Guardian on Cannes

We teamed up with The Guardian to do an iconoclastic review of Cannes 2016, probing the winners and the ones that maybe should have won...

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Provocation & Brand Reinvention

28 January 2016

Provocation, Brand Reinvention

A session exploring different 'flavours' of strategy and the diverse ways that planners and strategists can forge a career.

Get your hands dirty with Google tools

23 October 2014

Google Tools

Familiarise yourself with the latest suite of tools that provide access to the vast amounts of data held by Google.

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Head, Heart or Herd

6 October 2010

Head, Heart, Herd

Science and consumer thinking evolve. New models emerge explaining how and why consumers do what they do, and new techniques arise to understand them.

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Pro Social Media Event

14 April 2010

Capturing Art

John Grant discussed how by harnessing new technology and social media consumers can take an active part in shaping brands, culture and society

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Coming of Age

2 November 2023

Coming of Age Event.png

The Nursery have conducted a year-long study delving into the lives of those entering adulthood in 2023 after a period of tumultuous educational and social change. Pauline McGowan, Charlotte Willcocks, Hannah Whitney and Sophie Marder unpacked the research and discussed how to better understand this age group through the lens of a strategist.

PR Strategy Secrets Unveiled

17 May 2023

PR Strategy Event.png

If you’re in PR strategy you know it’s a healthy and fast growing part of planning and strategy. If you’re any other flavour of strategist you‘ll be curious to know why. So we’ve pulled together all the leading PR agencies and their top planners to agree what it is they do and show why it’s such an exciting role.

Feral Thinking: How to rewild your strategy practice

23 November 2022

APG Event with Richard Huntington.png

In this characteristically high octane talk Richard Huntington, CSO at Saatchi & Saatchi, shared some of the techniques he uses to get to more powerful strategic ideas. Techniques aimed to make your thinking looser, more fluid, more interesting and more instinctive.

How do you Brief in Doom & Gloom?

29 September 2022

APG and ITV Event Logo.png

This event was designed to give you inspiration for your briefs, help you tap into target audiences and navigate tone and context.


It’s based in part on ITV’s huge piece of ethnographic, semiotic, qual and quant research conducted earlier this year to understand the mood across the country.


ITV's Kate Waters and Lucy Crotty walked us through the key findings of the research and then were joined by an amazing panel consisting of Chaka Sobhani, Lily Wilson, Tom Sussman and Jon Evans to discuss the implications.

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Briefs: Bridging the Chasm Between Clients and Agencies

27 April 2022

Better Briefs Event.png

The BetterBriefs project lays bare some uncomfortable truths about the state of the industry when it comes to briefs, which may be all too familiar.


Vaughan Flood from Flood+Partners and BetterBriefs founders Pieter-Paul von Weiler and Matt Davies share the findings of the largest and first global quant study into the topic of briefs.

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'How to get challenging work through research' with Jon Cohen

19 January 2022

Jon Cohen Event.png

Jon is the author of an entertaining and enlightening book 'Asking for Trouble', and a brilliant researcher who runs Kindling.

Here he talks about how to guide challenging and difficult work through research, from the other side of the mirror, and teaches 3 very useful techniques to help you do so.

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Fireside Chats with Kev Chesters: How to Create Time for Creativity in a Fast World

2 November 2021

Fireside Chats - Creativity.png

Axiomatic for Planners, as we are asked to do more and more in less and less time. You can’t create or stop time, but this will help you change your relationship with it.

'TEN Years of TED' with Kevin Chesters

20 January 2021

10 years of Ted.png

Kevin Chesters, Strategy Partner at Harbour London put together a unique, personalised and exclusive presentation of the Very Best of TED 2009-2019.

How to turn around a business by putting people at the heart of the strategy

10 July 2019

APG & The Guardian.jpg

Matt Tanter in conversation with David Pemsel, CEO of The Guardian Media Group.

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How better sleep makes you more resilient

15 April 2019

APG Sleep Event

We asked Phoebe Smith & Prof Hugh Selsick to talk about the reasons why sleeplessness can become a problem, how it relates to your overall mental health, and give practical tips for getting a better sleep regime.

Ted 2018 in 60 Minutes

24 July 2018

Kev Chesters Ted Talk.jpeg

Kevin Chesters, CSO at Ogilvy has crunched TED2018 and come up with a blinder of presentation with highlights and themes from this year’s brain box festival.

Is too much data bad for our health?

20 September 2017

APG Healthy Thinking

If you could take a 30 second test that told you what medical conditions you will face in later life, would you?

APG & The Guardian on Cannes 2017

18 July 2017

APG on Cannes.jpg

A retrospective take on Cannes Lions and a panel of speakers and experts review those that won and those that just missed out at the world's greatest festival of creativity.

Click through for the write up

The Power of Culture for Social Good

7 July 2016

APG & Flamingo Panel Discussion

This event featured a panel of experts and practitioners with extensive experience in the field who debated the power of culture for social good.

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Lunch with Matthew Willcox

3 July 2015

Lunch with Matthew Willcox

A discussion on what behavioural science and neuroscience have revealed about how people’s choices and behaviour are driven by non-conscious instincts.

Visual Futures

14 October 2014

Visual Futures

A look into the impact of system 1 and system 2 thinking on how we choose and buy brands.

Neuroscience & Marketing

15 September 2010

Student Behind the Books

Professor Gemma Calvert talked about the theory and application of neuroscience, particularly in the area of brands and marketing.

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