APG Noisy Thinking 2019

Our flagship evening event held 6 times a year in association with Flamingo. Each event addresses a provocative question or current theme focused on Planning & Strategy. These events are supported by Google.

How do you Plan?

23 January 2019


Speakers: Raquel Chicourel, Craig Mawdsley and Milla McPhee

How do you plan faster and more effectively?

27 March 2019


Speakers: Amelia Torode, Sera Miller, Dom Boyd and Lucy Jameson

How do you keep strategy interesting? 

22 May 2019

How do you keep strategy interesting?.jp

Speakers: Rob Campbell, Sophie Lewis and Nick Hirst

'Always On' is Killing Creativity

24 September 2019


Speakers: Charlie Wells, Vicki Holgate, Helen Andrews, Matt Tanter & Chetun Murphy

Planners' Cannes

19 June 2019

Planners Cannes.jpg

Speakers: Jo Arden, Kevin Chesters, Vicki Holgate & Cat Wiles

Is it possible to think long term any more?

12 November 2019

Business Bites Back.png

Speakers: Tom Roach, Elly Fenlon, Kieran Bradshaw, Richard Storey and Paul Cowper

Is it possible to think long term any more?

12th November 2019

We're celebrating Long Term Thinking through the APG Creative Strategy Awards, with 4 Gold winners.


But long term thinking can be an article of faith for planners and strategists; beset with obstacles.


How do you convince clients to think long term? How do you manage brands and ideas over time? And how do you pin down the connection between long and short term thinking and satisfy clients looking for a short term hit?


Noisy Thinking is here to guide you on best practice and ways through:

Tom Roach newly of Adam&EveDDB will explore the intersection between long and short term, using case histories and a new look at existing data to give us more guidance on how to shape our recommendations and guide clients to think about long and short term impacts.


Elly Fenlon of AMV BBDO will present her Gold winning Snickers Long Term Thinking case.

Richard Storey of M&C Saatchi will talk through his Gold winning Change4Life case.

Kieran Bradshaw of Mother London will go through his Gold winning IKEA case.

Paul Cowper of Flamingo will reflect on how peoples' opinions change in the longer term and how to bring that into your thinking.

You can read all four Long Term Thinking papers by clicking through below:


Change4Life: Undoing Difficult

Planned by: Frances Docx, Richard Storey & Rachel Pearson