APG Noisy Thinking 2019

Our flagship evening event held 6 times a year in association with Flamingo. Each event addresses a provocative question or current theme focused on Planning & Strategy. These events are supported by Google.

How do you Plan?

23 January 2019


Speakers: Raquel Chicourel, Craig Mawdsley and Milla McPhee

How do you plan faster and more effectively?

27 March 2019


Speakers: Amelia Torode, Sera Miller, Dom Boyd and Lucy Jameson

How do you keep strategy interesting? 

22 May 2019

How do you keep strategy interesting?.jp

Speakers: Rob Campbell, Sophie Lewis and Nick Hirst

'Always On' is Killing Creativity

24 September 2019

Speakers: Charlie Wells, Vicki Holgate, Helen Andrews, Matt Tanter & Chetun Murphy

Planners' Cannes

19 June 2019

Planners Cannes.jpg

Speakers: Jo Arden, Kevin Chesters, Vicki Holgate & Cat Wiles

Is it possible to think long term any more?

12 November 2019

Business Bites Back.png

Speakers: Tom Roach, Elly Fenlon, Kieran Bradshaw, Richard Storey and Paul Cowper

Is it possible to think long term any more?

12th November 2019

We're celebrating Long Term Thinking through the APG Creative Strategy Awards, with 4 Gold winners.


But long term thinking can be an article of faith for planners and strategists; beset with obstacles.


How do you convince clients to think long term? How do you manage brands and ideas over time? And how do you pin down the connection between long and short term thinking and satisfy clients looking for a short term hit?


Noisy Thinking is here to guide you on best practice and ways through:

Tom Roach newly of Adam&EveDDB will explore the intersection between long and short term, using case histories and a new look at existing data to give us more guidance on how to shape our recommendations and guide clients to think about long and short term impacts.


Elly Fenlon of AMV BBDO will present her Gold winning Snickers Long Term Thinking case.

Richard Storey of M&C Saatchi will talk through his Gold winning Change4Life case.

Kieran Bradshaw of Mother London will go through his Gold winning IKEA case.

Paul Cowper of Flamingo will reflect on how peoples' opinions change in the longer term and how to bring that into your thinking.

You can read all four Long Term Thinking papers by clicking through below:

Change4Life: Undoing Difficult

Planned by: Frances Docx, Richard Storey & Rachel Pearson

Agency: M&C Saatchi

IKEA: The Wonderful Everyday - Six years and counting

Planned by: Kieran Bradshaw & Katie Mackay-Sinclair

Agency: Mother London

Snickers: You're not you when you're hungry

Planned by: Elly Fenlon, Alaina Crystal and James Miller

Agency: AMV BBDO

Audi: Remixing Audi to Hit the Top Spot

Planned by: Tom Patterson, Will Lion, Thomas Gwin, Sofia Bodger & Ben Shaw

Agency: BBH

'Always On' is Killing Creativity

24th September 2019

APG launch the Right to Disconnect: 24th September 6.30pm

We're calling on the industry to create a more vibrant, healthy and creative working culture by giving people the Right to Disconnect.


Anxiety, stress and depression limit the brain's ability to think creatively. Even if you're not suffering directly from these, everyone benefits from a culture where people make more interesting connections and are more productive and creative. 


We have worked with the strategy leaders across the industry to develop 4 simple but very powerful working practices based on the Right to Disconnect

You will hear:

  • The APG's practical manifesto for 4 simple changes in company cultures.

  • Agencies like Weiden+Kennedy, and Wavemaker, who have made profound changes and reaped the benefits.

  • Charlie Wells, Founder of Hello Self, a fast-growing tech-based mental health service, about why he set it up and his vision for using machine learning to create better mental health outcomes. 


Changing behaviour changes everything. So come and hear our plan and start to change your working life for the better. 

Sarah Newman

APG Director

More about Charlie Wells:​

Up until 2011 Charlie was in the agency world. He started his career at Ogilvy before founding KinshipNetworking (a social media agency) that was acquired by SapientNitro. 

In 2011 Charles had a category 5 brain haemorrhage and fell into a coma. Everything changed. After his recovery program he has dedicated himself to 1) staying happy and healthy 2) investing in the relationships that matter to him and 3) creating world changing companies.

The first was working with JustGiving where Charles was CMO and COO helping raise £0.5Bn a year for charities around the world.

In 2018 Charles founded HelloSelf, a neuro-tech company focused on helping people understand and experience their best Self. HelloSelf offers fast and affordable access to some of the best clinical psychologist in the UK. HelloSelf is a mission focused BCorp and is now one of the UK's fastest growing companies using machine learning and AI to discover and deliver better mental health outcomes. 



Helen Andrews
Managing Director at Wieden + Kennedy London
Charles Wells
Founder at HelloSelf
Chetan Murthy
Head of Strategy at Wavemaker
Vicki Holgate
Effective Creative Excellence Director at Diageo
Matt Tanter
Head of Strategy at Mother & APG Chair
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Planners' Cannes

19th June 2019

APG Noisy Thinking | Planners' Cannes: What do Strategists think of the current state of creativity and what are the implications for us as thinkers?'

As Noisy Thinking is slam dunk in the middle of Cannes week we're going to talk about the work.

We've lined up 4 leading strategists who care massively about the creative output of our thinking and we've given them 10 minutes each to nominate the campaigns and ideas that they think should be awarded. And give us some incisive points of view on what they say about the current state of creativity and our role in it all.

So if you're not going to Cannes this year… But want to immerse yourself in all things creative, grab your ticket to hear:

Jo Arden - Chief Strategy Officer at MullenLowe London

Kevin Chesters - Strategy Partner at Harbour

Vicki Holgate - Chair of APG Shortlisting Panel 2019 & Former CSO at FCB Inferno

Cat Wiles - Head of Planning at VCCP

Jo Arden
Chief Strategy Officer at MullenLowe London
Kevin Chesters
Strategy Partner at Harbour
Vicki Holgate
Chair of APG Shortlisting Panel 2019 & Former CSO at FCB Inferno
Cat Wiles
Head of Planning at VCCP
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How do you keep strategy interesting? 

22nd May 2019
And how do you stay interesting as a strategist?

Quite a few people seem to be asking this question right now, so we thought we would tackle it head-on with the full force of Noisy Thinking.  

We invited 3 people who are never short of an interesting thing to say, to mull over this and give us some advice. About things like: 

  • If it's more important to be interesting than to be right, what are your sources of inspiration? 

  • How do you stay fresh? How do you keep your thinking fresh?

  • How do you stay motivated as a strategist when under constant pressure?

  • Over your career how do you evolve and change and stay good? What kinds of experiences and workplaces work for you rather than against you?

Rob Campbell will be making his first appearance at an APG event since he landed in the UK to be RG/A's European Strategy Chief. He may be familiar to you from his brilliant and pointed blog 'The Musings of An Opinionated Sod'.

Sophie Lewis is the CSO at VMLY&R and is never short of a trenchant and inspiring point of view.

Nick Hirst is the Executive Strategy Director at adam&eveDDB who manages to stay Motivated and interesting over some of the longest pitch processes known to man. And even win some.

Nick Hirst
Executive Strategy Director at adam&eveDDB
Rob Campbell
Head of Strategy at R/GA EMEA
Sophie Lewis
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How do you plan faster and more effectively? 

27th March 2019

Fast strategy is here to stay and it's hard. But we need to deal with it, and work out prescriptions for doing it better.  But we also need to be mindful of the downsides, both human and strategic.  Amelia Torode, Sera Miller, Dom Boyd and Lucy Jameson will be reflecting on fast strategy and how to do it. 

Amelia Torode
Founder at The Fawnbrake Collective
Sera Miller
Co-Founder at The Fawnbrake Collective
Lucy Jameson
Founder at Uncommon London
Dom Boyd
Chief Strategy Officer at Publicis
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How do you Plan?

23rd January 2019

What kind of planner are you? How do you go about approaching a new problem? What tips and ideas about styles of planning can we learn from different people? 

Raquel Chicourel from M&C Saatchi

Craig Mawdsley from AMV BBDO 

Milla McPhee from adam&eveDDB 


Will be revealing all about their own way of doing it. Specifically we've asked them:


  • What do you do differently, and practically when you're planning?

  • What does your approach tend to unlock?

  • What are your start points when you approach a problem?

Read the full write up here


Raquel Chicourel
Chief Strategy Officer at M&C Saatchi London
(click through for her presentation)
Craig Mawdsley
Joint Chief Strategy Officer at AMV BBDO
Milla McPhee
Head of Planning at adam&eveDDB
(click through for her presentation)
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