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APG Training Courses

Extended Skills

A more advanced set of skills required by more senior and experienced strategists, combined with emerging and specialist skills.

Classic Skills
  • Effectiveness embedded in thinking

  • Advanced data analysis

  • Develop & present strategic thinking

  • Define strategic & creative ideas

  • Client, internal & creative relationships

  • Understand & critique quantitative (testing) approaches

  • Enhance, apply and understand: client business, finance & corporate strategy

Emerging / Specialist Skills
  • Finding insights – “in the wild”

  • Briefing for different disciplines

  • Strategy for newer disciplines & new business

  • Understanding and developing leadership styles

Essential Planning Skills

Essential Planning Skills

This course is ideally suited for Planners and Strategists with 2 years+ of experience in the industry. It is designed for Strategists from a variety of disciplines – be it brand planning, digital planning, channel planning, engagement planning...


Behavioural Science to Solve Advertising Challenges

This course investigates how consumer behaviour is shaped by psychological shortcuts. The insights from behavioural science will be organised into a simple framework so that you can apply them to the challenges you face.


Agile Strategy

An interactive training course that shows you how to do great planning but how to do it faster, more independently and in shifting, complex environments with a wider range of colleagues and clients.

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Strategy for Solving Business and Marketing Problems

The course will equip you with the tools to see beyond the client brief and get to the ‘question behind the question’.  You will develop more powerful and robust strategies as a result that demonstrate to clients the value creative strategy can bring to their business.

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Why did nobody teach me this stuff?

If you’re a planner or strategist in an agency you’re probably pretty clever, good at strategic thinking, and able to pick up skills and new ways of working pretty quickly. And a lot of these are easily taught in classic training courses.

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