Why did nobody teach me this stuff?

A Master Class with Russell Davies

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If you’re a planner or strategist in an agency you’re probably pretty clever, good at strategic thinking, and able to pick up skills and new ways of working pretty quickly.  And a lot of these are easily taught in classic training courses.


But you also need a connected set of soft skills that's hard to buy off the shelf.


You need to be able to present well, and to run a meeting effectively and enjoyably.


You need to be good at ideas - having them, sharing them, protecting them (and killing them).


You also need to keep tuned in to the creative world around you and to know how to manage and develop it.


We normally hope people will just pick this stuff up on their own but, good news! these things can be taught, learned and practised.


We've created two mornings of training which get creative generalists going with all of these things.

Course Tutor
Russell Davies

Russell Davies

If you have ever seen Russell Davies present, or read case histories of the campaigns he’s worked on in advertising such as Nike, Microsoft and Honda, or the extraordinary work he did as Director of Digital Strategy for the Government Digital Service, or his own start-up Newspaper Club, you’ll know that he is a brilliant thinker who is also brilliant at doing. Russell is the one about whom creatives say ‘I don’t know quite what he does, but when ever he is in the room we have great ideas’.

This one day course is designed by Russell to download many of the incredibly useful behaviours and approaches that have helped him become a creative strategy guru, able to turn his hand to an array of strategic projects and bring about real change.


He is wonderfully adept at getting the best out of people and creating interactive training experiences that fundamentally change the way you work and think.

What will you learn?
  • How to structure a presentation to keep it interesting

  • How to manage attention throughout a meeting

  • How to keep an effective scrapbook of ideas

  • How to create an environment that stimulates and manages ideas

  • How to notice more - ideas, trends, behaviours, opportunities - and how to capture what you've noticed

  • How to be better at sharing, to write clearly, briefly and well

  • And where to look next and to keep getting better

You’ll get all of this bundled with a selection of work-hacks and short-cuts that you only learn by paying close attention to the work place for 30 years.

Course Details

TBA 2021


£625+vat (APG Membership required)



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