Explore all the events we offer throughout the year focusing on current industry trends, core skills and provocative topics in Planning & Strategy.
Top Talks

A series of online talks from interesting and inspiring strategy leaders.

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Noisy Thinking

Our flagship evening event addressing a provocative question or current theme focused on Planning & Strategy.

Young Planners

Events dedicated to helping young Planners & Strategists thrive and survive in the industry.

Thinking Around Corners

This series is designed to provide unconventional and creative solutions to strategic questions.


Our annual Strategy Conferences including: On the Contrary, Robots v Strategy, Big Thinking and Worlds Collide

Think like a CSO

Inspirational sessions designed to help young planners and strategists hone their strategic presentation skills by learning at the feet of the greats.

Provocation, Brand Reinvention
Other Events

One-off events held with special partners, including ITV, the Guardian and Mintel

Lunch with Matthew Willcox
Career in Strategy