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From individual mentoring sessions with top CSO’s to swapping stories with fellow young planners, APG YP Events provide a rare opportunity to question the role of a strategist and consider how it might evolve in the future. Scroll down for upcoming events, more information and past events.

May 27, 2020

Did you know that the maximum time generally taken to read a CV is 30 seconds, and in most instances is more like 7 seconds? That’s the time it takes to make a cup of coffee, or the length of a Tik Tok video.

Therefore, your CV needs to work hard for you, and quickly – it needs to make you stand out and differentiate and elevate you from other candidates.

Here are some ideas on how to personalise your cv:

  • If you are going to...

February 3, 2020

It all boils down to one word for me: People. If you’re interested in people then this’ll be a really interesting career for you.

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Past Events

For younger planners and strategists it can feel as though you are at the mercy of clients and bosses and emails, and that you are not senior enough to resist the pressure and push back for your own health and happiness.

We've joined up with Sam Pearce to create an evening event that will help you manage all those pressures, and learn how working less can mean more.

How building healthy boundaries at work makes you happier and more creative

20 November 2019

Andrew Phillips, Director at Big Island, talked about the five main theories of how advertising works.

How Advertising Really Works

17 October 2018

We spent an evening with Media, Digital, Traditional, Direct and Brand Planners and learned the differences in their jobs. 

What makes different planners tick?

25 May 2017

An update on Jon Leach’s various historical, anthropological, sociological, and psychological studies on why people think the way they do.

Why we think what we think

27 October 2016

Toto Ellis, Head of Strategy at Droga5, opened our minds to help us understand the importance of culture when looking at brand strategy.

Brands & Culture

8 June 2016

APG Young Planners first event of the season is on the 1st October. 'Pints, Stats and Pork Scratchings' is the theme and we'll be running a pub quiz with The Nursery to demystify the world of quant.

Pints, Stats and Pork Scratchings

1 October 2015

We have now hosted 2 extremely successful Speed Mentoring events with top CSO's and Heads of Planning and Strategy from the best London agencies.

Speed Mentoring

26 February 2015

Having good relationships beyond your fellow planners is vital. Being on good terms with account management, creatives and above all clients can kill or cure ideas.

Let's get it on

10 July 2014

How to navigate the world of recruitment and polish your CV with Ben Shaw, Kate Sherwin-White and David McGowan

CV Surgery

26 June 2019

In this session we took a peek behind the scenes of R/GA Ventures Studio and learned some tricks and tools for creating new brands for start-ups.

How to create brand new brands

27 June 2018

Jim Carroll reflected on his 30 years in advertising and gave us 10 tips on how to get the best out of a career in strategy.

A Strategists Career within a Creative Business

20 April 2017