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Our library is full of recommended books on planning, strategy, and how to have ideas

Podcast Recommendations

Girl Using Laptop

Top podcast recommendations from the APG Community on Planning, Strategy, Advertising, Marketing and more... Take a look, have a listen and let us know what you think. 

How Not To Plan


Sneak peek of our newest publication 'How Not To Plan'

Bedside Table Reading

Kevin Chesters_Books.png

"Reading tangentially tends to make my brain work a bit better" - Kevin Chesters

So we asked him and some other keen readers what's on their bedside table, and why?

Eat Your Greens

APG Eat Your Greens_Cover.png

APG published Eat Your Greens’ in the Autumn of 2018.  It is a collaboration with Wiemer Snijders and is a collection of articles written by 35 experts in marketing and communications.

Reading Recommendations

College Library

Top book recommendations on Planning, Strategy, Advertising, Marketing and more... 

APG Book Store

Books On Shelf

Go here to see the list of APG Creative Strategy Awards Books we have for sale. Our newest addition from 2017 is now available for purchase.

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