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APG PR Planning

Welcome to the APG PR Planning page – home of planning in PR agencies.

More and more PR agencies, from consumer, corporate, public affairs and financial PR have people doing planning.

And a bunch of them are working with APG to build a PR planning community.

We’ve had two great kick-off event and we’re working on more. But in the meantime this page has the story so far.

You can view the presentation from our latest event 'What Makes Great PR Planning?' here

Event: What Makes Great PR Planning?

21st November 2023

APG PR Planning Event.png

Here you can view the presentation from our latest event 'What Makes Great PR Planning?' We heard from Martijn Nieuwenhuis (winner of the APG Creative Strategy Awards PR Prize) who gave his winning pitch, a view on why this won from Rob Alexander and some real world examples of PR Planning at its best, with Teodora Coste and Will Butterworth.​

A PR Planning Case Study:
Planning in Corporate Affairs

By: Teodora Coste

Teo Coste PR Planning.png

At Hanover, every one of our strategists is an integrated strategist with a strong data vertical, be it in media and social media intelligence, digital analytics, cultural and future trend forecasting, or the more traditional qualitative and quantitative research methods including polling, interviews and focus group facilitation.

A PR Planning Case Study:Planning for Cultural Interest with Minecraft

By: Will Butterworth

Will Butterworth PR Planning.png

Our challenge was to make Minecraft culturally interesting. To do it we’d need to work through our planning at the speed of culture. Interrogation of the update lead us to the discovery of Ancient Cities – a new addition to the game.

What is PR Planning?

By: Rob Alexander

What is PR Planning_.png

PR planning creates strategies to help brands and companies to create sustained value by stimulating, building and engaging in conversation, coverage and wider culture. It also helps protect value in defensive or negative situations by strategic messaging development.

Take a look inside Rob's Seven Pillars of PR Planning...

A PR Planning Case Study:
B&Q, Gardener of the Year

By: Daniel Deeks-Osburn

PR Planning Dan Deeks Osburn.png

My personal philosophy is that PR is where brand collides with the real world.

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