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6 Apr 2020

I went to meet with a marketing director the other day for a cup of tea and a catch-up. He is an old colleague who now works for a large company, a household name who spend a lot of money on media. £100m per year to be precise and it turns out that whilst I could remem...

31 Mar 2020

In this post Ben Shaw, CSO of BBH shares the two things that most help him with his Job as a planner.

Right to Disconnect More Important Than Ever

Many of you found the APG Right to Disconnect Programme deeply helpful, and many agencies followed the actions we outlined.  As home and work effectively become one, it's more important than ever that planners and strategists...

23 Mar 2020

“If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.” - Marylin Monroe

Strange times we are living. A lockdown is a matter of time, today we can’t hug our dearest and have to resort to elbow bumping and namaste to say hello to our frie...

23 Mar 2020

In this Post Richard Clay, Group Strategy Director of Zenith UK Shares the two things that make him better at his Job.

17 Mar 2020

All the best strategists I know have something in common. They are interested in lots of things. All kinds of things...

10 Mar 2020

Martin Beverley, CSO of adam&eveDDB shares his thoughts on what two things make him better at his Job.

4 Mar 2020

In this article Jen Smith of Craft Media tells us about the two things that help her in her Job.

3 Mar 2020

Martin Beverley, CSO of adam&eveDDB shares with us his thoughts on what makes a brilliant brief and briefing.

25 Feb 2020

In this article Loz Horner lets us know the things that he does to help make him a better planner.

24 Feb 2020

Alaina Crystal covers problem solving and having insightful questions.

11 Feb 2020

In the next of our 'What 2 things' series, Alaina Crystal of Purpose explains the two things she finds most helpful in her day-to-day life as a planner.

4 Feb 2020

Sophie Lewis shares two things that help her with her Job.

3 Feb 2020

It all boils down to one word for me: People. If you’re interested in people then this’ll be a really interesting career for you.

31 Jan 2020

This year we’ve decided to celebrate some of the wonderful creativity and knowledge from the APG community by sharing the top posts we’ve seen each month..

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