Find your skill level in the descriptions below and click through to see the list of corresponding skills, training courses and workshops

Business Meeting

Core Skills

Basic skills you need to be any sort of planner or strategist, regardless of discipline or place of work.


Leadership Skills

Top skills for strategists with management or high level business responsibilities.

How Training Works

The aim is to offer training in as many of these important skills as we can, with a combination of Training Courses and a new training format of 'Taster Workshops’.


So we’ve mapped these skills against what is required at different levels off experience and suggested the Training Courses and Workshops that can deliver against those requirements.


How it works:

  1. You define your level of experience (Core, Extended or Leadership)

  2. You look at the skills required for your level of experience (see below)

  3. You can then see what we are offering to teach and enhance skills at that level


(In addition we suggest classic and emerging skills at each level: The things you absolutely have to be able to do vs the skills you might need as your role extends or you take on different kinds of work).


As always we will give plenty of advance notice on courses and workshops so that you get the chance to book yourself on in good time.

Different Skills Levels

Core Skills


Classic Skills

  • Desk research

  • Excel & data

  • Briefs & briefing

  • Principles of strategic thinking

  • Qual & quant research (using & analysing)

  • Creativity & creative people

  • Working in teams & managing up

  • Mentoring & career development

  • Effectiveness

  • Insights

New & Emerging Skills

  • Online research & tools

  • Familiarity with broad range of strategic disciplines  (content, digital, channel, design etc.)

  • Behavioural research including site journeys and UX

  • Understanding and using specialisms (psychology, neuroscience, semiotics etc..

Extended Skills


Classic Skills

  • Effectiveness embedded in thinking

  • Advanced data analysis

  • Develop & present strategic thinking

  • Define strategic & creative ideas

  • Client, internal & creative relationships

  • Understand & critique quantitative (testing) approaches

  • Enhance, apply and u