APG Training Courses

Core Skills

The basic skills you need to be any sort of planner or strategist, regardless of discipline or place of work.

Classic Skills
  • Desk research

  • Effectiveness

  • Insights

  • Excel & data

  • Briefs & briefing

  • Principles of strategic thinking

  • Qual & quant research (using & analysing)

  • Creativity & creative people

  • Working in teams & managing up

  • Mentoring & career development

Emerging/New Skills
  • Online research & tools

  • Familiarity with a broad range of strategic disciplines  (content, digital, channel, design etc...)

  • Behavioural research including site journeys and UX

  • Understanding and using specialisms (psychology, neuroscience, semiotics etc...)

Training Images AUTUMN INCL (13).png

This is a programme that has been specially constructed to teach all the skills planners and strategists need to master the art of strategic insight. This course will take place over six sessions in the autumn.


Critical Insight Skills

Bullet Proof Strategy.jpg

Never imagine for a moment that the APG is not seriously into numbers and data. On a mission to popularise and de-mystify, this is designed for young strategists to help them believe in their basic abilities with numbers and data and encourage them to get stuck and enjoy it.

Bullet Proof Strategy

This course will arm delegates with a set of strategic principles, tools and techniques that they can apply to just about any marketing situation or brand. Course tutor is Merry Baskin, of Baskin Shark, expert Planner and Trainer and former APG Chair.

Strategic Thinking

Smart Strategy.jpg

This brand new course is for planners and strategists who are relatively new to planning and want to develop their skills in turning client briefs to strategy and applying it practically to the development of communications.

Smart Strategy for Digital Comms

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