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See below for our upcoming and past Strategy Conferences

On the Contrary

The power of contrarian thinking to sharpen

strategy and inspire creative

8th October 2018

We’re interested in challenge and how it creates change. Great ideas and great campaigns seldom come from conforming to the established order. They are inspired by iconoclasts who challenge convention and insist on new thinking, often in the face of considerable resistance.

On 25th May 2016, APG held their annual Strategy Conference - Strategy vs Robots - with guest speakers Baroness Susan Greenfield, Richard Watson, Rushi Bhavsar, Russell Davies, Frances Ralston-Good, Steve HIlton, Tracey Follows, Amelia Torode and Dom Boyd.

Strategy vs Robots
25th May 2016
Big Thinking on Strategy
2nd October 2014

The Purcell Room on the South Bank seats 387 people and on 2nd October 2014, every seat in the house was taken for an electric afternoon of talks from some of the best strategic minds in the business.

Worlds Collide 2012 & 2013
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