APG Strategy Conference

8 October 2018

We’re interested in challenge and how it creates change.  Great ideas and great campaigns seldom come from conforming to the established order.  They are inspired by iconoclasts who challenge convention and insist on new thinking, often in the face of considerable resistance.  


Escape from Fantasy
By: Martin Weigel

The value of ‘contrarian’ thinking would seem to be pretty obvious… But... How do we go against the flow? How do we find the road less travelled?
On the Contrary Summary
By: Bridget Angear

What an amazing day with extraordinary thinkers. Hard to summarise in a few words and I think all of us will see the value over the next days, weeks and months when something ...
By Clémence Lépinard of BBH

Early this month I went to the APG Strategy Conference: On the Contrary which sought to bring together speakers on ‘the power of contrarian thinking to challenge convention’. Rather surprisingly they all came with one very similar observation, writes Clémence Lépinard, Strategist at BBH London.
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Mark Ritson

Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Melbourne Business School

Mark is a world renowned columnist and marketing professor, contrarian and scourge of digital ‘nonsense'. As well as writing columns for numerous publications across the globe, he has received awards for his teaching, columns and numerous academic contributions, including being voted Professional Publishers Association Business Columnist of the year three times.  He holds a Ph.D. in Marketing from Lancaster University and has taught across the world including London, Melbourne & Singapore.

  • @markritson
  • Mark Ritson

Professor Nick Chater

Professor of Behavioural Science at Warwick Business School

Nick is an award winning neuroscientist from the Warwick Business School.  In His new book 'The Mind is Flat’ he asserts that unconscious thinking is a myth and mental depth is an illusion.  The implications for understanding human decision making are profound. He is also a co-founder at Decision Technology and a Fellow of the British Academy. During his career he has published over 200 publications, won two national awards and even advised the Cabinet Office.

  • @NickJChater
  • Professor Nick Chater

Clive Stafford Smith OBE

Human Rights Lawyer and Director at Reprieve UK

Clive is a leading human rights lawyer who stands up against the US legal system and represents the poor in death penalty cases. Stafford Smith has represented detainees in Guantanamo Bay since it opened and even wrote a 50 page brief for the defence of Saddam Hussein. In 2005 he received the prestigious Gandhi international Peace Award. Since returning to the UK he has been the Legal Director at Reprieve UK.

  • @CliveSSmith
  • Reprive

Tor Garnett

Detective Superintendent at Metropolitan Police and Co-Founder at Police Now

After achieving a first in natural sciences from the University of Cambridge, Tor Garnett went on to enrol in the Metropolitan Police. She started her career in Hackney as a Constable and she’s risen to the rank of Detective Superintendent. She co-founded the social enterprise ‘Police Now’ who aim to reduce crime and increase the public’s confidence in policing, by recruiting and developing an outstanding and diverse group of individuals to be leaders in society and on the policing frontline. Tor also set up the Commissioner’s 100, which encourages junior officers to suggest new strategies for improving policing.

  • @torgarnett
  • LinkedIn - Black Circle

Martin Weigel

Head of Planning at Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam

Once described by a client as “the unruly offspring of Karl Marx, Martin Luther, and Morrissey," Martin has twenty-seven years’ planning experience, lived and worked in London, New York, São Paulo, led strategy on everything from toilet paper to diamonds, and been Head of Planning for Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam since 2009. A noted contrarian in the field of communications and advertising, he’ll be shedding light on what contrarian thinking means for planners and strategists.

  • @mweigel
  • Martin Weigel

Margaret Heffernan

Author and Speaker

Margaret is an American businesswoman, author, lecturer, speaker and has been a BBC producer. Margaret has published five books on a range of topics including women in business, organisational change and competition. Between 2012 and 2015 Margaret delivered a number of highly regarded controversial TED talks and currently lectures at the School of Management for the University of Bath.

  • @M_Heffernan
  • Margaret Heffernan
  • Margaret Heffernan
Nils Leonard.jpg

Nils Leonard

Founder at Uncommon London

Nils has spent over 18 years in the advertising and design industry working across a spread of the most recognised and influential agencies in London. In his most recent post as Chief Creative Officer of Grey LDN, Nils oversaw the most profitable and awarded years in the agency’s 52 years history and became one of the youngest agency chairmen in the world leading its brands globally and locally.

  • @nilsleonard
  • Nils Leonard
Bridget Angear.jpg

Bridget Angear

Joint Chief Strategy Officer at AMV BBDO

Bridget has the tremendous privilege of having the best job in the world – running AMV BBDO’s strategic output, in partnership with Craig Mawdsley. Bridget has been Chair of Judges for the IPA effectiveness awards and this year she was made a Fellow of the IPA and published her first book, called Revolt, on how to create movements.

  • Bridget Angear



Photography by: Paul Clarke

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