APG Strategy Conference 2013

Worlds Collide: How do you win against all the odds?

APG Worlds Collide
APG Worlds Collide

2nd May 2013 | Sarah Newman


Getting through a crisis with a cool head. Bringing people with you when they're not on your side. Changing your mind because it's the right thing to do - and persuading others you're right too. Standing up against the crowd with a new idea and pushing that idea through. It's all about having a strategy and making a plan. It's what Planners have to do.

But sitting at your desk in front of a screen limits your thinking and your options. So the APG brings you our second Worlds Collide Strategy event where exceptional people from quite different worlds come together to give their unique perspective on developing strategy - this time to deal with situations where all the odds seem to be stacked against you and you need a way through.


'How do you win against all the odds?'  Answering the question on the 13th May will be speakers from the worlds of politics, creativity, the church, and the police force:


The Rt Hon Michael Portillo

The politician brave enough to change his mind and his world view following his political downfall at the hands of the electorate, 'It was a very useful experience in my life. I had to dig into my own resources. I can truly say it forced me to expand my horizons, which was obviously necessary.”


Sir John Hegarty

The knighted, non-conformist creative, 'You have to be fearless. Fearlessness is fundamentally important to creativity because hopefully you're putting ideas in front of people that they haven't seen before.'


Canon Dr Giles Fraser

The rebellious cleric who stood up to the Church when the peace protesters occupied St Paul's, who says of himself, 'I've spent my life on the naughty step'


Karyn McCluskey 

Who got the Glasgow gangs to put down their knives, fundamentally changed attitudes to violence in Scotland and is now head of the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit, 'If you ask people what they think of me they'll say I'm relentless, I can't sit down'.


Our Chair is the brilliant thinker and strategist, and planning entertainer par excellence, Malcolm White, founder at Krow.


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