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Get the Best Out of AI

A series of seminars designed and co-hosted by Oli Feldwick to help the Planning community go deeper into specific applied AI topics.

This series of talks and discussions is designed to go deeper into specific AI topics that have a direct relevance to the practice of Planning and Strategy. The format will include participation and a group exercise, along with a decent time for question & answer & discussion.


The sessions will be co-hosted by Oliver Feldwick, joined by guest hosts throughout the series. Our initial run of 6 sessions will end with a hybrid virtual and physical session and a chance to meet up and connect.

The 6 sessions are:
Session 1: Prompt Powered Planning
16th April | 5pm-6pm BST | Online

Understanding the anatomy and art of the great prompt, and the shift in how we think and work as strategists.

Session 2: Do Androids Dream of Electric Consumers
21st May | 5pm-6pm BST | Online

AI, ethics and advertising – deep dive into how we need to change the way we work and think to adapt to ethical AI.

Session 3: Building a Brand in an AI World
11th June | 5pm-6pm BST | Online

Exploring how AI impacts brand building fundamentals, and what distinctive assets and brand ideas mean in a generative world might look like.

Session 4: Synthetic Data and Simulations
9th July | 5pm-6pm BST | Online

Looking at how digital twins, synthetic data and models can transform the way we work with and apply insights as strategists. In this session, Oli will be joined by guest speaker Dylan Mouratsing, Global Chief Data Officer at T&Pm.

Session 5: Reimagined Consumers
17th September | 5pm-6pm BST | Online

Understanding the ways it might change the way we live, the way our consumers think and behave, and the mechanics of business, in a more fundamental and unexpected way. In this session, Oli will be joined by guest speaker, Lucia Komljen.

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Session 6: Future Proofing Your Career
15th October | 5pm-6pm BST | Hybrid

Ultimately, how might this change the way we work (for better and for worse)? And what should we all be doing to make sure we’re ready for it?

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More details:

All sessions will take place from 5pm-6pm BST


APG Members = £10+vat (per event)

Non-members = £50+vat (per event)

Go here to get tickets for all of the sessions (sessions 1-6)

*tickets are non-refundable and we can’t offer catch-up sessions if for any reason you can’t attend.

More about Oli Feldwick

Oliver Feldwick.jpg

Oli Feldwick

I was, perhaps, destined to end up in advertising. Son of a planner and a qualitative researcher, my early years were spent watching ad-reels instead of postman pat. This was followed by a wasted youth of computer gaming, programming and tinkering. And then jobs in research, digital and integrated agencies. Now working at The&Partnership as Head of Innovation. As a Philosophy graduate, I worry about the ethics of advertising and think the industry is at an important turning point with digital marketing. I explored this theme in my 2016 Admap Essay, "The Uncanny Valley of Personalisation", which explored the pitfalls of personalisation in advertising and how to avoid them. I have since written a Dissertation for the IPA Excellence Diploma on “Unleashing Cyborg Creativity”. I also like trains, obscure walking tours, police procedurals and buying books that I will never get round to reading. I also cook a fabulous bolognese.


"It was packed with information and really helpful tips. I really enjoyed it and felt very inspired coming out of it."

"Fantastically useful. Oli is a great presenter and he provided really good understanding and practical advice on how to maximise the value of AI. Lots to think about and act upon."

"Oli’s session was incredibly insightful. A lot of information superbly conveyed. Left me wanting more, which is a good as there’s more to come!"

"Excellent session. I think Oli had some really concise and provocative ways to explaining GenAi’s strengths and weaknesses, lots to take away and think about. Definitely feel better prepared and armed to try new approaches in a more informed way."

"The content was helpful and relevant. The information was well organized. Best practices were actionable and easy to apply to everyday life. The speaker was true planner and truly knew about AI (as opposed to half-a expert with a couple of tricks)."

If you have an enquiry about this event, please e-mail Lexi Campbell -
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