What two things help you with you job?

We've asked our community to share what 2 things help you most with your job? They could be a tip or a tool; an approach or a philosophy.

Tools & Models

We've asked our community to share some tools and models they use in thier jobs everyday.

3 Top Tools from Matt Willifer
1. COG Model of human motivation
2. Brand Archetypes
3. Male & Female Differences
The Customer Activity Cycle
This a model and a workshop exercise brought back from HyperIsland’s Master Class, and it stands us in excellent stead for identifying what the real value of a brand and business to a real person is, in real life.
8 Tools for Planners
Ruairi Curran, Head of Planning at Gravity Road, shares eight tools he uses. Including coaching questions, spider diagrams, SWOT, Market maps and more...
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Think with Google
Think with Google is where Google shares its latest trends, insights and data. It’s a goldmine for planners and strategists, packed with the right content to help you achieve your objectives and work smarter.
More Useful Models
Lucy Banister, Founder at the Nursery, shares a few useful tools about brands, tapping into the way people think and asks a few questions that get your brain working.
Formula for a Change
Nick Hirst has found this formula very useful for any behavioural change brief, whether trying to get smokers to quit or trying to get people with gum disease to do something about it.
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