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What two things help me with my job? | Kev Chesters


It’s a blessing and a curse. It’s an Alice hole for the curious.

Well, this and Google Scholar.

Everything is here from info, back up, validation or just taking your brain for a walk.

Search, delve, blind alleys, roll around in it.

The job of the planner is to separate the useful from the interesting.

But you can only filter from volume, not the other way around.

Get reading. Get random. Get lost looking up random earthquakes from the 9th century.

The brain thinks best when it’s resting. Take it for a wander.


"To this day, I remain impressed by the ability of Britons of all ages and social backgrounds to get genuinely excited by the prospect of a hot beverage” Bill Bryson, Notes from a Small Island.

There is pretty much nothing that tea & a pause can’t help.

Pause. Take some time out. Cogitate.

Sitting at your computer and expecting the magic to happen is like sitting in your kitchen and expecting to get hungry.

Think in bursts, write in bursts, then take LOTS of breaks.

Tea is the secret weapon.

Think whilst the kettle boils, then really think whilst you enjoy its bounty.

The breaks are where it’s at. The thinking really happens in the spaces in between.

Make tea. Lots of it.

(Make sure you offer to make it for others too)

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