APG Guest Editor

Here we invite top strategists to be Guest Editor of our site for a month at at a time. Each Guest Editor will determine a theme and curate a range of on-line and off-line ideas, links, books; anything that brings to life their theme and that they think is going to be both useful and inspirational for the community.  


As ever we thank them for their time and their generosity. The APG community is after all, all about sharing.

Jim Carroll

Jim Carroll is a long serving brand and communication strategist.

How To Get On:
Advice on how to manage a strategist’s career in a creative business
Jim Carroll

Ian is a brand strategist and journalist who always has grasp of the big picture and its consequences, and writes tellingly in the FT and other journals.

How To Be Curious: Cognitive Fitness for Planners
Ian Leslie

Bogdana is the former Head of Strategy at Poke London

Digital Transformation
Bogdana Butnar

Pete Buckley is Head of Strategy at MEC London, a Media Agency. 

Putting Customer Experience First
Pete Buckley

Richard is the author of The Choice Factory, a best-selling book on how to apply findings from behavioural science to advertising

How findings from psychology can be applied to advertising
Richard Shotton
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