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APG Creative Strategy Awards 2023

View the winners here

Creative Strategy Works

Great creative strategy is about more than just making great campaigns. Great creative strategy injects brands into popular culture, transforms company culture, inspires innovation and creates value for businesses. 


This year’s APG awards are about showcasing the value of creative strategy, demonstrating the breadth and depth of ways in which creative strategy adds value to business and brands. 




Creative strategy works everywhere. It may have started in advertising agencies but it’s now a discipline that has found a home in client organisations, in consulting, in design, PR, innovation and a whole host of other specialist areas.  We will be celebrating this creative strategy diaspora in all its diversity.


Creative strategy adds value. As we head into what could be a lengthy period of economic uncertainty, we will celebrate the breadth of ways in which creative strategy adds value to businesses, brands and communication and show that our discipline is not a luxury but an increasingly essential skill for all kinds of business.

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