APG Thinking Around Corners

New ways to answer the hard questions

This series is designed to provide unconventional and creative solutions to strategic questions.

In association with Firefish. Have a look below for some of our past events.

APG Thinking Around Corners_Climate Chan

Climate Change: What can planners and strategists actually do about it?

25 November 2019

Speakers: Craig Mawdsley, Errol McKellar, Pete Buckley & Richard Bartlett

How do you make people healthier?

18 July 2018

Speakers: Tracey Follows, Alex Lewis and Nick Hirst

How do you get people to value a service they rarely or never use?

26 July 2017

APG Thinking Around Corners

Speakers: Alaina Crystal, Chris Baker and Zoe Scaman 

Insights that Build Business

20 March 2019

Speakers: Richard Shotton & Martin Weigel

How do you get people to entertain facts that don't accord with their world view?

8 May 2018

Speakers: Richard Shotton, Mark Bell and Denise Hampson

How do How do you get people to subscribe when they can get it for free?

17 May 2017

Thinking Around Corners.png

Speakers: Vicki Holgate, Andrew Tenzer and Jem Fawcus

'Consumer' is a dirty word

20 November 2018

Speakers: Dr Alastair Goode & Jon Leach

How do you transform when people don't want to change?

29 November 2017

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