Planning & Strategy

Everything you need to know about Planning and Strategy. Including advice, tools, interviews and inspiration

Interviews with top Planners and Strategists in the industry to help us navigate the world of planning.

APG Asks Strategy Leaders

From Account Planner to Media Planner to UX Planner, we've got the answer

The Definitive Guide: Job Roles in the Planning Industry

Join us as we catch up with Planners and Strategists from all walks of life. Take a sneak peak into their lives.

Planners Unmasked

The APG Creative Strategy papers make inspiring reading but they’re also full of incredibly useful guidance that you can apply to your own brands. Julian Saunders is dissecting the best of the cases and drawing out practical tips...

Tips from Winning Strategies

We've asked our community to share what 2 things help you most with your job? They could be a tip or a tool; an approach or a philosophy.

What Two Things...

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Interviews with top Planners and Strategists in the industry to help us understand what Planning is.

What is Planning?

An article by Merry Baskin on the history of Planning and what Planners do.

What are the origins of Planning?

By: Julian Saunders
So many useful business books and so little time – was the thought that occurred to me as I was teaching this week. Here are my top tips for students in extracting the useful knowledge...

Smart Googling

As part of Ian Leslie's Guest Editorship he asked number of top planners & strategists for their 'info diets' to get a peak into how they are keeping their mind in shape.

How do keep your mind in shape?

How to get a job in Planning. Advice on your CV and the interview process.

Get a Job in Planning

We interviewed 25 strategy leaders, CSOs, Heads of Planning, CEOs and a couple of clients. These were depth interviews with leading thinkers where we discussed the skills they think are going to be really important, as well as their views on how we should meet the challenges ahead.

What are the top rated skills for Planners and Strategists?

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