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Join us as we catch up with Planners and Strategists from all walks of life. Take a sneak peak into their lives, browse through some awesome GIFs and more.

Chris Welton
1 August 2017
Senior Strategist @ 360i London

"I believe tech and data can do wonders for creativity and make it even more relevant but I think as an industry there’s a danger we jump to use the information, formats and technology, but end up with lazy creative."
Max MacBeath
20 July 2017
Strategist @ George&Dragon

"I think the best piece of advice I've had is to never take a job in advertising for an agency’s reputation or the brands it services. The only way to maximise the chances you have to be successful, happy and fulfilled in your career is to work with people that you like, respect, and can learn from."
Anna Thairs
13th July 2017
Planner @ Grey

“A friend of mine works at a startup where they leave stickers on each others’ desks or laptops if they’ve done a good job that week, and because I’m six years old with a washi-tape problem, that really appeals to me!”
Alexandra Waring
4 July 2017
Strategist @ Rapp UK

"getting into planning is still one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do (aside from my Russian oral exam in uni) but one thing that really pushed me is switching my attitude to: not if I make it… but when I make it. Fake it til you do."
Pietro Barbieri-Hermitte
21 Oct 2016
Strategist @ foreverbeta

"Being ‘agile’ or ‘empathic’ are pretty much fundamental to the industry and to the role, respectively"
Cédric Legrand
7 Oct 2016
Junior Planner @ Saatchi & Saatchi

"Facebook tells us what people like and do, Google tells us what people search for, Youtube tells us what people watch… What if Tinder started telling us how people would like to be seen?"
Alexi Gunner
30 Sep 2016
Junior Strategist @ We Are Social

"I watched Mad Men religiously as a teenager, and that’s what first made me consider applying for an internship at a creative shop"
Stefan Schoombee
23 Sep 2016
Communications Planning Manager @ Carat
Rosanagh & Shaun
16 Sep 2016
Strategists @ Mother

"Adland is a big adult playground, where you try and come up with a new and better game than the other guy, every day"
Chris Regan | Planner
9 Sep 2016
Planner @ OLIVER UK

"it seems as though brands are engaging with personalised messaging, however, delivering personalised experiences is where the real value is added"
Stephanie Simon
2 Sep 2016
Junior Planner @ Fallon

"simple ideas are much more likely to become big ideas"
James Lees
26 Aug 2016
Creative Strategist @ Sword & Stone

"words can work like grenades"
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