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The Definitive Guide

Job Roles in the Creative Planning/Advertising Industry

Account Planner

The original title. The expert of the consumer in the agency to make the brand’s communications more effective.



A more relevant adaption of ‘Account Planner’ for marketing in the digital age. Whilst a ‘plan’ suggests rigidity, a strategist is able to react, adapt and optimise in a dynamic market place.


Brand Strategist

Read about what a Brand Planner does here


Digital Planner

An expert on what technology does to people, society, culture and the economy to develop strategies that bring brands and people together that shape their preferences and behaviours. Read more about what a Digital Planner does here


Design Planner

Read about what a Design Planner does here


Media Planner

Media Planners combine creative thinking with factual analysis to develop appropriate strategies to ensure that campaigns reach their target audiences as effectively as possible. They apply knowledge of media and communication platforms to identify the most appropriate mediums to benefit a client's brand.


Social Media Planner

Responsible for developing the strategy of the brand in multi-way platforms.


Content Planner

Responsible for developing the overall narrative for the brand to be delivered in chapters with smaller episodes delivered at a more frequent rate than ‘traditional’ campaigns.


Data Planner

An expert in statistics and modeling, who can express simply the commercial implications a piece of analysis will have for the clients business and marketing activity, throughout development, optimisation and evaluation.


UX Planner

Responsible for shaping and communicating user experience strategies and design throughout the digital ecosystem.


Insight Planner

Adept at uncovering original observations and facts that will provide a greater connection to people, through their motivations, belief, behaviours.

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