APG Strategy Conference 2012

Worlds Collide: What do you do to win when you can't afford to lose?

2nd May 2012

As every Planner, thinker, marketer and communications person knows, without a convincing strategy you've very little chance of succeeding. Devising a brilliant strategy is truly demanding and the ideas and strategies that work often come from unexpected places; the result of challenging the norm, looking for ideas in novel places and seeking inspiration from worlds other than your own. This is the theme of the APG's 2012 Strategy Event: Worlds Collide.

David Droga, APG Worlds Collide
Live chat with David Droga: When strategy and creativity collide

10 April 2012 | Robin Hough


Join David Droga, founder of Droga5, live from New York on Thursday 12 April at 5pm BST as he answers your questions on the future of advertising, creativity and how to execute winning business strategies.

APG Worlds Collide
The Guardian Media Network Live Blog

2 May 2012


In a collision of of the worlds of politics, the military, advertising, activism and sport, Alastair Campbell, General Sir Mike Jackson, David Droga and Jeremy Gilley go head to head to answer the question: What do you do to win, when you can't afford to lose?


APG Worlds Collide
Strategies for a strategy

4 May 2012 | Anjali Ramachandran


It’s not often that you get representatives from such disparate fields pouring their thoughts into the same jug, and I lapped it up for all it was worth.