APG Noisy Thinking 2018

Our flagship evening event held 6 times a year in association with Flamingo. Each event addresses a provocative question or current theme focused on Planning & Strategy. These events are supported by Google.

The Art of Persuasion - How do you get your idea over the line?

15 February 2018


Speakers: Jim Carroll, Marie Oldham, Laura Jordan Bombach and Martin Beverley

Alastair Campbell on what’s happening to political brands?

19 June 2018


Speaker: Alastair Campbell

If the structure of our industry is broken, what do strategists do next?

13 March 2018


Speakers: Ian Leslie, Sally Weavers, Stuart Smith and Guy Murphy

'How Not To Plan' Planning Surgery

21 November 2018

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Speakers: Sarah Carter & Les Binet

How best to make sense of the world now? 20 Strategic Tools

26 April 2018


Speakers: Chris Arning, Alex Steer, Dr. Adam Gill, George Webster and Lucas Galan

'How Not To Plan' Planning Surgery

with Sarah Carter and Les Binet

21st November 2018

If you've had your head stuck in a bin for the last 4 months you'll have missed the launch and subsequent 2 re-prints of APG How Not to Plan, the definitive Planning handbook and Bible for the C21st strategist. 


Head-down, head-up or head in the clouds, you can get your Planning Head in order on 21st November when Les Binet and Sarah Carter will be talking about what we can all learn from the book and answering your planning queries with specific strategic health advice. So get thinking about what you want to ask them. And yes, they will have their white coats on.  We've ordered them from Amazon.


Alastair Campbell on what’s happening to political brands?

19th June 2018

In a break with our normal Noisy Thinking events we invited just one speaker to address us on 19th June.  Alastair Campbell is the stand-out political strategist of the last 20 years.  He was in the centre of the New Labour strategy and communications machine and remains one of the most respected and insightful commentators.

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How best to make sense of the world now?

20 Strategic Tools

26th April 2018

Rich and interesting strategies don’t come out of nowhere. The most effective and creative thinking draws on culture and consumers and different disciplines to provide inspiration points and real insight.  So for Noisy Thinking on 26th April we’ve invited 5 experts from different disciplines to share their most useful ’tools’, frameworks, or ways of thinking so you can take them away and use them at your desk the next day. These are the disciplines and expert practitioners we’ve asked to take part:

Chris Arning – Semiotics

Alex Steer – Data analytics

Dr. Adam Gill – Anthropology

George Webster – Future thinking 

Lucas Galan – Digital Forensics

Each of them is going to give a brief introduction to applying their discipline to strategic thinking, and give you 5 tools to help you do it yourself.

Chris Arning
Chris is Founder and Director of Creative Semiotics
Alex Steer
Alex is Chief Product Officer at Wavemaker UK
Dr. Adam Gill
Adam is the Founder of Beyond Insights UK
George Webster
George is Senior Research Executive, Futures & Innovation at Flamingo
Lucas Galan
Lucas is the Head of Digital Forensics at Flamingo
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If the structure of our industry is broken, what do strategists do next?

13th March 2018

Noisy Thinking 13th March is about the seismic changes in our industry and what they mean for planners and strategists trying to make sense of them and map their careers.

We’ve asked 4 strategic seers to tell us what they think is happening, what they are doing about it, and what opportunities there are for planners and strategists to build a successful career in a crazily changing world, and make the most of the opportunities.

Ian Leslie
Ian is a brand strategist and journalist who always has grasp of the big picture and its consequences, and writes tellingly in the FT and other journals.
Guy Murphy
Guy is CSO of JWT Worldwide and therefore has both the global and network agency picture, as well as perspective from the holding companies (in his case WPP)
Sally Weavers
Sally is the co-founder of a new agency called Craft Media and was till recently the MD Of initiative Media. She’ll be giving the media perspective of course, and explains how she thinks media and comms planners need to change the way the work .
Stuart Smith
Stuart is Partner at Anomaly, a strategic planner by trade and has a completely different view of how agencies need to be set up to face the future, and what strategists can and should be doing as a result.
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The Art of Persuasion

How do you get your idea over the line?

15th February 2018

Lots of people have asked us to cover the difficulty of getting your thinking sold and out in the real world so we’ve asked some arch persuaders to tell us how they do it: A guru Chair in the form of Jim Carroll, a brilliant media strategist, Marie Oldham and an inspiring creative, Laura Jordan Bombach.

Jim Carroll
Brand and Communication Consultant at Carroll Jones LLP & Former UK Chairman at BBH
Marie Oldham
Chief Strategy Officer at VCCP Media
Laura Jordan Bambach
CCO at Mr President
Martin Beverley
Executive Strategy Director at adam&eveDDB
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