APG Noisy Thinking 2016

Our flagship evening event held 6 times a year in association with Flamingo. Each event addresses a provocative question or current theme focused on Planning & Strategy. These events are supported by Google.

What is a Brand Nowadays?

1 February 2016

David Wilding.png

Speakers: Dom Boyd, David Wilding, Mark Bell, Nick Kendall and Jane Buck

Brand Lessons from Brexit - Why did we stop listening?

19 September 2016


Speakers: Alex Batchelor, Helen Job and Matthew Taylor

Is big data making strategy irrelevant?

18 April 2016


Speakers: Les Binet, Lazar Dzamic, Shorful Islam and Leo Rayman

Why did we stop thinking beyond next week?

18 October 2016

Bogdana Butnar

Speakers: Richard Shotton, Dr. Guido Orgs and Bogdana Butnar

Collaboration in practice and how it can lead to great strategy and great work

6 June 2016


Award-winning teams told us how working together made the difference on Sainsbury's and This Girl Can

What transformed your thinking in 2016?

29 November 2016

Stuart Bowden

Speakers: Lilli English, Stuart Bowden, James Caig, Kevin Chesters and Fern Miller


It's been a momentous year with startling levels of change and disruption. And amidst the chaos there's been plenty for us strategists to chew on and do that magic thing of taking base metal and turning it into strategic gold. So we're pulling it all together for our final Noisy Thinking of 2016 and asking a selection of strategic magicians:

'What transformed your thinking in 2016?'

They'll each have about 5 minutes to tell us about what brought about a real change in their thinking this year, using examples both from 'our world' like the campaigns that have profoundly altered their perspective on what's possible, and anything from culture more broadly that has provoked a substantial mind change.
It'll be fast, furious and fun, and hopefully you'll go away feeling uplifted by the ability of our community to move the world a little by the power of thought and imagination.
Amongst our speakers will be:

Lilli English
Lilli English