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Insights Safari

A full day seminar learning new, ‘gonzo’ techniques for developing insights and ideas.
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Oli Feldwick

What is it?

What is it?

A whole day of in-person training, learning about ‘gonzo research’ - a series of practical and inspirational techniques for coming up with insights.

‘Gonzo research’ is a key part of everyday briefs, of pitches, and just of being a good planner.


This full-day interactive session looks to equip planners old and new with some sleeves up, hands-on techniques that go well beyond Google. 


You will spend time in a meeting room learning new theories and ideas and then you’ll go out into the world to do an exercise outside the classroom to apply what you have learned and come back with insights to share and discuss. 

It will be informative, inspiring, and most of all fun.  


There will be discussion and feedback. 


You’ll get the chance to work with other planners, and then get to know them over informal drinks at the end of the day.

Who is it for?

​It’s primarily for more junior planners and strategists who want lots of new ideas and ways in for writing briefs, dealing with client requests and answering questions that require new approaches and ways of thinking. It’s also a great chance to meet other planners and network as you will be doing some work in teams and there will be a social get together at the end of the day.

What will it cover?
  • Insights principles and process

  • A quick tour of the main insights disciplines

  • Demystifying research techniques

  • Gonzo Research techniques you can use:

    • Dynamite Desk Research

    • Ethnography-lite

    • Homemade Qual

    • Smash and grab quant

    • Virtual hothousing

  • Putting it into practice – we will break into teams, and go off on Insight Safari

    • Taking a simple brief, we will apply some of our newly learned techniques

    • Come back and share our insights, and our reflections on the process

Who is running it?

Oli Feldwick, brilliant planner, thinker and teacher, and Head of Innovation at The&Partnership will lead the workshop.

What will it cover?
Who is running it?
Julian Saunders

Oli Feldwick

I was, perhaps, destined to end up in advertising. Son of a planner and a qualitative researcher, my early years were spent watching ad-reels instead of postman pat. This was followed by a wasted youth of computer gaming, programming and tinkering. And then jobs in research, digital and integrated agencies. Now working at The&Partnership as Head of Innovation. As a Philosophy graduate, I worry about the ethics of advertising and think the industry is at an important turning point with digital marketing. I explored this theme in my 2016 Admap Essay, "The Uncanny Valley of Personalisation", which explored the pitfalls of personalisation in advertising and how to avoid them. I have since written a Dissertation for the IPA Excellence Diploma on “Unleashing Cyborg Creativity”. I also like trains, obscure walking tours, police procedurals and buying books that I will never get round to reading. I also cook a fabulous bolognese.

Who is it for?
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Workshop Enquiries
If you have an enquiry about this workshop, please e-mail Alison Trotter at
Workshop Information
Workshop Enquiries
APG Training Course Cancellation Policy
  • Should you cancel your place on this training course the following cancellation policy will apply: For a cancellation made more than 30 calendar days in advance of the training course, a full rebate will be applied. For a cancellation more than ten calendar days in advance of the training course, a rebate of 50% will be applied. For a cancellation less than ten days in advance of the training course no rebate will be applied. 

  • Training sessions will not be recorded/filmed and we can’t offer catch-up sessions on future courses, if for any reason you can’t attend.

  • On occasion we may need to re-schedule training sessions - we reserve the right to do this at any time although we will aim to give you as much notice as possible.

  • Attendance on Training Courses is entirely at the discretion of APG. There is no automatic right to attendance.

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