Special Prizes & Sponsors

APG Creative Strategy Awards 2021

See below for a list of sponsors and special prizes for the APG Creative Strategy Awards 2021.

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Pinterest Special Prize for Inspired Creative Thinking
Long Term Thinking Category
Denise Williams Special Prize for Best Performance in Front of the Judges
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davies+mckerr Special Prize for Best Insight
The Nursery Special Prize for Best Contribution to Brand Growth 
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Strategy Book Special Prize for Best Written Paper
Best Strategic Response to the Challenge of Climate Change

This special prize awards the quality and power of creative strategy applied to brands or businesses or organisations wishing to mitigate the impact of climate change.  It could be a campaign or a business idea but it must have generated an observable and measurable impact.


Best Strategic Response to Covid-19

Best strategic response from a brand to the Coronavirus crisis. It could be a clever adaptation of a brand strategy, or a brilliant yet relevant tactical response to the challenges thrown up by the pandemic.


Best Media Thinking

Best collaboration between creative and media strategy - demonstrating how a media strategy lifted a creative strategy, making the idea even more powerful and effective.


Best Example of Diversity & Inclusion

This special prize will reward the team that can demonstrate how diversity at the heart of the team led to a powerful strategy; or how a strategy powered by a commitment to diversity & inclusion changed the game for their brand, business or organisation.


Best Application of Broad Thinking

Best strategic response that blends a broad range of different ingredients (creativity, data, media and technology) and takes a broader approach to analysis (a wider set of inputs – e.g. analysis of reviews, call centre verbatim analysis, use of data science to uncover insights from unstructured data etc), and thinking to attack a strategic challenge.


It could be broad thinking in terms of encompassing the end-to-end experience, or going wider than the usual planning inputs in order to find a powerful insight.


But what’s important is that the thinking was broad and because of that it made the strategy more effective and the idea more powerful.

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