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How to write and deliver persuasive strategy presentations (especially on video)

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A New APG Training Course specially adapted for lockdown. 


This is a course that helps you harness the techniques of storytelling to create more persuasive presentations. 

Persuasive presentations aren’t only about charismatic speakers and great chemistry. 

They’re not even necessarily about logic and rational argument. 

(Sadly, being right isn’t always enough to get your strategy bought). 

This is especially the case now, when most of our interaction is over video. Selling your thinking is hard. It's difficult to generate chemistry. Decks that were once exhaustive are now just exhausting. Reading the room is… well – there is no room. 

More than ever, we need to make our time in front of clients – or any other audience – count. This course will help you return to first principles to meet the unique challenges of remote presenting. It will show how to use your preparation time more effectively so you can create a connection with your audience that doesn't rely on bullet points and boxes. It will help you think more constructively about what you want to say and what your audience needs to hear. 

By taking inspiration from the world of film, books, politics and business, you’ll learn how to underpin the presentation of your thinking with structure and meaning. You’ll learn how to make your audience lean in. You’ll focus on your argument, not aligning images. You'll learn the techniques to help you think and write your way to more impactful presentations.

What does it cover?

The course is split into two half-days.

Day 1: Principles, case studies and exercises in effective story telling
In the first session we cover the universal principles that drive the stories we love, in film, TV and books. We’ll use those principles to highlight how to make audiences care by using structure, cause and effect and meaning. 
We’ll work with case studies to show how these principles can be applied in your own world. 
We’ll cover techniques that help you harness storytelling devices when preparing presentations, and you’ll learn how to do this in a way that puts your audience at the centre of your thinking.
This first session is a combination of theory, exercises working with real-life examples, and group discussion about the stimulus. 

Day 2: Live Practice: Framing the presentation, building an argument and writing the story 
In the second session you’ll be writing a new presentation from scratch. There are three stages: framing the presentation, building an argument, and writing the story. 
For each we’ll cover some theory, with advice and tips on how to approach your material, before breaking into solo work and developing the presentation throughout the afternoon. 
At no point during the course will you be working with PowerPoint or Keynote. This is all about the excellence of your framework, thinking and content, and how to pull all of that together 

Who is it for?

This course is designed for people who want to extend their skills and expertise in strategic presentations. You will have experience working as a planner or strategist in an agency or client company and want to hone your skills at presenting and talking about your strategic thinking, especially when working remotely.  

Course Information

2 half days



£400+VAT (APG Membership required)





This course will be run online. You will receive the details once your booking is confirmed.


From the version of the course delivered in person to agency employees of all levels:

“The most useful and therefore inspiring training I’ve been on for ages.”

– Creative Director

“A refreshingly different way of looking at what we are meant to do every day but often take for granted – practical tools and solutions to writing and speaking more persuasively in all aspects of work.”

- Strategy Lead

“One of the most fulfilling work days I’ve had in a long time. The training is excellent, and such a breath of fresh air for someone that loves stories and planning! We need more of this.”

– Managing Partner

Course Enquiries

If you are interested in attending a Training Course, please e-mail Alison Trotter at

Course Enquiries
What is this course about?
Course Information
Who is it for?
Course Tutors

Course Tutor

James Caig
James Caig

James Caig is a planner, trainer and facilitator who has led strategy teams in media, creative, digital and CRM agencies. He has won IPA Excellence Awards, started APG West and has been a judge for the APG Creative Strategy Awards and IPA Excellence Diploma. Last year he devised and ran Persuasive Presentations training for more than 70 people

APG Training Course Cancellation Policy
  • Should you cancel your booking for an APG training course, the following cancellation policy will apply: For a cancellation made more than 30 calendar days in advance of the training course, a full rebate will be applied. For a cancellation more than ten calendar days in advance of the training course, a rebate of 50% will be applied. For a cancellation less than ten days in advance of the training course no rebate will be applied.

  • Training sessions will not be recorded/filmed and we can’t offer catch-up sessions on future courses, if for any reason you can’t attend.

  • On occasion we may need to re-schedule training sessions - we reserve the right to do this at any time although we will aim to give you as much notice as possible.

  • Attendance on Training Courses is entirely at the discretion of APG. There is no automatic right to attendance.

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