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‘Future. Now’. A new agenda for a new age


As new chair of the APG I’m filled with a sense of excitement both in terms of what the APG has already achieved and the opportunity ahead.

For there’s never been a more exciting time to be in this industry

Or a better time to be a strategist.

The future is here, living in every new business model, app & social interface

Grasping us and our clients by the hand

And asking – demanding - us to innovate, faster

Our unique skills means we’re uniquely qualified to do that

Through our human empathy, our commercial hardwiring, our problem-solving creativity

And our ability to define bold new futures that transforms organisations and their brands.

I believe the time has come for strategists

To write the future, not be a slave to it

To be entrepreneurial doers, not just smart thinkers

To experiment & create, not just distil and refine

To be the critical change agents for our clients & our agencies

Just as Stephen King & Stanley Pollitt once were, it’s time to lead a new revolution.

My ambition is that the APG will be a galvanising force in making that happen

Through bold new initiatives, events and a new-look committee

That embraces tech, innovation, digital, media and experience design

And a deep focus on equipping strategists to solve modern challenges creatively

I can’t wait to go on that journey with you.

It starts now.

Dom Boyd

APG chair

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