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International Strategy Slam

If you’re one of the few people who prefer relevant and efficient communication to another cool ad, we’ve got something for you. The International Strategy Slam enters its fourth year. So far, we’ve had slammers from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Now we open our stage to slammers from all over Europe and we want you to be one of them.

Three categories. Nine minutes. Endless brilliant thoughts. It doesn’t matter if you do start-up strategy, brand strategy, or communication strategy— just make sure that your brilliant thoughts are skilfully staged in a good story. Any technical and rhetorical means are allowed. You can even dance-perform. But please: Don’t take longer than nine minutes.

You can participate if you’ve been significantly involved in the presented case. The case must have been implemented by the deadline for submission. Also, we require a profile of you and your case, as well as a short video presentation of yourself. Don’t be too judgmental with yourself. You’ll rock it.

Registration can be found here.

Submit your case by June 15 and be one of the lucky slammers chosen by our jury.

From then on, all you have to do is go on stage, inspire the audience with your strategy, make them vote for you and win the award. Should be an easy one for you.

At the International Strategy Slam we take care of you. We don’t ask for submission fees. In fact, we cover your travel costs and hotel expenses. Because we are different.

You can pay us back with smart thoughts.

If you would like to download a booklet with this information click here.

*Note From APG London*

APG have been asked to let the London planning community know about this initiative. If you’re interested in taking part please get back to the International Strategy Slam organisers direct.

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