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Don't Let On-Line Working Trash Your Thinking and Creativity

Right to Disconnect More Important Than Ever

Many of you found the APG Right to Disconnect Programme deeply helpful, and many agencies followed the actions we outlined. As home and work effectively become one, it's more important than ever that planners and strategists are able to demarcate their time and activity. We need to agree and apply new rules of engagement to prevent the 10 hour back-to-back Zoom/Team meetings taking over our lives and trashing our thinking and our creativity.

So with this in mind we have created a list of actions that we think will improve working on-line. It's meant as a live list, so give us your ideas and we'll add them in and tweet them out.

Being More Human

  • Agree core hours that people stick to.

  • Make sure that people take a proper lunch break.

  • Fix meetings to last 45 minutes rather than an hour and put in more short meetings so people have time to write and think.

  • Schedule breaks between meetings and during long meetings

  • Get together as a planning department at scheduled times for sharing and sociability

  • Create department WhatsApp group

  • Virtual pub session on Friday

  • Add a ‘commute’ to the start and end of the day if you can, walking in the garden or the street to mark up and down time

  • Think about ways of building ‘serendipitous’ little chats back into the working day, as these are the things the creative culture of the industry thrives on.

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