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Top Models

The Most Useful Strategic Models and How to Apply Them, with Jon Leach

What is it?

There are 11 parts to the programme, each featuring a different strategic model. The models have been chosen by Jon Leach, veteran cross-discipline planner and all-round thinker. He has written all the explanatory pieces based on his experience across markets, agencies and clients, with lots of case histories and fascinating examples.

The idea is to experiment with different models and ways of thinking that will make your brand and communication strategies better.

Each model has an introductory essay on what it is and how to use that you can open below. The essays contain:

  • Explanations

  • References and theory

  • Case history examples

  • A 10 step recipe for applying the model

  • A task that lets you have a go, yourself (successful completion of which could lead to a prize…)

What do we mean by 'models'?

Essentially different approaches to cracking strategic problems. The models range from classics like the “Boston Matrix”, through esoteric examples like the “7 Goddesses” to hidden gems from current planners. The inner workings of each are revealed, often illustrated with real world examples from Jon's case book, all designed to show how you can apply the model in your own work.

Drawing from examples in many markets (beer, finance, cars, energy plus many more) and as used in many disciplines (advertising, media, PR, sports marketing, health marketing, politics, social media etc.) each short essay will explain how a particular model can get you to better insights, make you more useful to your colleagues, or be able to create more persuasive presentations.

The series is deliberately eclectic, with no one model seen as superior to others, but all being welcomed as potentially useful.

Who is it for?

Anyone who's a planner or strategist from any part of the planning universe. Apprentice modellers will find a whole new way of doing their job; veteran modellers will find many new tools to add to their toolbox.

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