APG Creative Strategy Awards 2011 Winners Announced

The APG Creative Strategy Awards 2011 in association with Google were presented last night at Delfina. It was a fantastic evening and hugely enjoyable for prize-winners, supporters and APG luminaries alike.

We’ve made a lot of changes to the APG Awards this year: more transparency, more clarity and more rigour in the marking. We have given equal weight to the written papers and the presentations and for the first time we introduced a proper scoring system that persisted at both the short listing and final presentation stages. It’s worked really well.

So we’re proud to announce that, under the new system, for the first time the Grand Prix is shared. The hugely impressive joint Grand Prix winners this year are M&C Saatchi for Dixons and Lowe SSP3 for FARC Operation Christmas Campaign.


Gold awards were given to..

Colombian Ministry of Defence: Operation Christmas (Lowe SSP3)

Dixons (M&C Saatchi)

Wieden & Kennedy Off-On (Wieden & Kennedy)

Orange Goldspots (Fallon)

Stella Artois (Mother)

Department of Health Smokefree: Real Kids (Dare)


Silvers to..

Metropolitan Police Choose a different ending (AMV BBDO)

Tooheys New (Saatchi & Saatchi Australia)

Department for Transport Named riders (AMV BBDO)

NHS Blood Transfusion Organ Donation (AMV BBDO)

Ikea (Mother)

French Connection (Fallon)

Promote Iceland (The Brooklyn Brothers)

Nike GRID (Wieden & Kennedy)

Fiat (AKQA)


Bronzes to..

I Lohas (Coca Cola Export Corporation)

Yeo Valley (BBH)

Cravendale: Cats With Thumbs (Wieden & Kennedy)

Pepsico Walkers (AMV BBDO)

Stella Artois Black (Mother)

St John Ambulance (BBH)

Metropolitan Police Who Killed Deon? (AMV BBDO)

GreenBottle (Mother)

Heineken Star Player (AKQA)

Random House Nigella Quick Collection (AKQA)

Doritos (AMV BBDO)


 Special Awards to

Colombian Ministry of Defence: Operation Christmas, for Best channel strategy and for Best use of research

Dixons, for Best insight and for Best brief or input

Wieden & Kennedy Off-On, for Best real time planning

Orange Goldspots, for Most Progressive Thinking

Stella Artois, for Best multi-market planning

Department of Health Smokefree: Real Kids, for Best presentation to judges

I Lohas, for Greatest commercial impact

And to Kronenbourg (by BBH), for Best-written paper


Quite by chance, for the first time, because they scored exactly the same in the final reckoning, two agencies share the APG Strategy Agency of the Year prize.

They are Mother and AMV BBDO. Congratulations to both for excellence in thinking.


Sarah Newman

APG Chair

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