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Insights About People and Creativity for a Post-Pandemic World

12th May 2021 | 5-6pm BST

The way we work changed profoundly in lockdown, especially consumer research and insight, and creative development.  We’ve adopted new ways of working, some awful and some really quite helpful.

In this seminar we look at the best of the new ways of working and talk about what we want to take with us back into the ‘real’ world.

APG Super Models (with Jon Leach)

APG Super Models is the second series of APG Top Models. It builds on the Top Models series and introduces new and more sophisticated frameworks. If you are new to strategic models, we recommend you start with the Top Models first. (APG Members Only)

Latest APG Top Talk with Phil Adams:

'Field Notes on Activist Strategy'

What can planners learn about strategy from progressives and revolutionaries? For the past four years, Phil Adams has been making documentary films about radical democracy. In the process he has learned some things that usefully transfer to his day job in brand strategy. In this talk he shares some of his strategy observations from the world of activists and political innovators. Phil is an expert strategist with huge experience across different agencies and planning disciplines. (APG Members Only)

Each week we will be featuring a new piece written by Jim Carroll, a long serving strategist and former UK Chairman at BBH. Click through to read more and subscribe.