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Insights Workshop for Young Planners & Strategists 

27th July 2021 | 5-6pm BST

Tom Sussman is Head of Planning at Leo Burnett. With him, we have created this special interactive workshop for young planners and strategists nearer the start of their career. He will be talking about the principles and practice of insight with lots of examples, advice and a chance to have a go.

Book Launch: 'The Creative Nudge'

28th July 2021 | 5-6pm BST

The key to leading a more creative, colourful, and rewarding life is creativity. It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are or what you do for a living, you were born with the ability to think creatively.

Join us on 28th July to hear more about the book from author, Kevin Chesters. This event is open to both APG Members and non-members.

Watch the Latest Top Talk

In this talk Dr Kate Dommett and Dr Tom Stafford unpack what we know about online political advertising and dissect the claims that have so far dominated debate, including whether it works in the same way as online consumer advertising.

'I might as well be a robot' APG Survey Results: Planning During and After the Pandemic

Thanks to the planning community we got over 300 responses to the survey.  Results are here. It’s been tough for planners and there is a lot for agency management to think about and act upon. But we have a prescription for action and change, and it’s all in here.

Sarah Newman 

Each week we will be featuring a new piece written by Jim Carroll, a long serving strategist and former UK Chairman at BBH. Click through to read more and subscribe.

Think Tank: APG Creative Strategy Case Studies & Top Talks Library for APG members

All the Top Talks will be available on Think Tank, the APG members' part of our site. Most are a video with deck. This should all be working. Let us know if you have any problems accessing it.

Podcast Recommendations

Top podcast recommendations from the APG community on advertising, digital, leadership, culture and more... Take a look, have a listen and let us know what you think. 

The APG Creative Strategy Awards Ceremony & Party

14th October 2021 | 6pm-9pm BST

We will be honouring the winners and revealing the awards for the 2021 APG Creative Strategy Awards on 14th October at 11 Cavendish Square, London.


We will be announcing the Grand Prix and all the other prizes, and it will be a chance for us all to get together after 18 months of pandemic living.  It's designed to be a celebration for the whole community, not just the awards winners, and is open to all planners and strategists who can't wait to see colleagues and friends after so long apart.

The APG Creative Strategy Awards Shortlist is out!

We have a shortlist packed full of interesting case studies of all shapes and sizes, with an unprecedented (sorry!) range of stories of how planners are using their unique skills and perspectives to influence and shape not just the usual brilliant advertising campaigns, but to make crucial contributions to the development of some outstanding products, services and experiences. It all leaves me very optimistic that we have a bright and exciting future ahead of us.

Michael Lee - Chair of Shortlisters

Getting to Better Briefs

We radically improve our chances of writing a better brief if we get a really good brief from the client. But how do we encourage that, and what are the issues from a planner’s perspective?

A couple of Planners from Australia have developed a short and engaging survey to find out more, by getting responses from strategists in the main English speaking advertising markets.


All the results will be shared with us. We think this is a really useful initiative so please take a few minutes to fill it in.

Thank you! 

Sarah Newman - APG Director

APG Super Models (with Jon Leach)

APG Super Models is the second series of APG Top Models. It builds on the Top Models series and introduces new and more sophisticated frameworks. If you are new to strategic models, we recommend you start with the Top Models first. (APG Members Only)

BLM Education Resources

This is a list of helpful literature and resources from Gen Kobayashi CSO at Engine. Gen says: 'The team at ENGINE curated these in response to BLM and to mark Juneteenth. We all took the Friday afternoon off from work to educate ourselves on Black history and the structural racism that exists in our society. We did this because the first step in combating and eradicating racism is education and greater understanding of the injustices that People of Colour have had to face for centuries'

Content for a great CV

by: Denise Williams

Did you know that the maximum time generally taken to read a CV is 30 seconds, and in most instances is more like 7 seconds? That’s the time it takes to make a cup of coffee, or the length of a Tik Tok video.



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