APG Creative Strategy Awards 2019

APG Creative strategy awards 2019

APG Creative strategy awards 2019

The winners & APG News


Read the APG Long Term Thinking Papers

Click through to read the Long Term Thinking papers that were presented at last night's Noisy Thinking.

Thinking Around Corners on Climate Change: 25th November 2019

What can planners and strategists actually do about it?

APG Thinking Around Corners will get to grips with climate change action. We will hear from BBC's Sustainability advisor, Jeremy Mathieu, Iris' Ben Essen, Mindshare's Robert McFaul and MediaCom's Pauline Robson.


Grand Prix

& Strategy Agency of the Year

Gold & Grand Prix go to Margaux Revol and Bridget Angear of AMV BBDO for Bodyform/Libresse.

Strategy Agency of the Year is won jointly by Mother London and adam&eveDDB.

Compelling words from

Jim Carroll, Chair of Judges 

I confess I have for the most part avoided judging. I never liked the idea of veterans and worthies critiquing the next generation of youthful tyros. And ‘Judge not lest ye be judged,’ was always ringing in my ears.

I’m so glad I made an exception for the APG Creative Planning Awards.

"Make Room for The Misfits"

- APG Chair Matt Tanter

So here we are. 2019. The year of no theme. For 25 years these awards have celebrated and recognised the very best in creative strategy. Strategy that has defined, redefined brands and their trajectory. And yet every year we have created a theme to pre-define and to pre-empt, the commonality of the most exceptional thinking.

How building healthy boundaries at work makes you happier and more creative

20th November 2019

For younger planners and strategists it can feel as though you are at the mercy of clients and bosses and emails. So we've joined up with Sam Pearce to create an evening event that will help you manage all those pressures, and learn how working less can mean more.

NEW: Podcast Recommendations

Top podcast recommendations from the APG community on advertising, digital, leadership, culture and more... Take a look, have a listen and let us know what you think. 

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Gold Winners

Gareth Goodall, Tara Goutermout & Jason Deland of Anomaly New York for Dosist

Martin Beverley & David Mortimer of adam&eveDDB for FIFA

Pippa Morris, Vairi MacLennan, Tatiana Jezierski & Chris Gallery of Mother London for

KFC - New Fries

Martin Beverley & Will Grundy of adam&eveDDB for Marmite

Chris Turner & Ali Wynter of mcgarrybowen for Mothercare

Bhavin Pabari & Matt Gladstone of GREY London for Which?

On Proper Planning

& Post-Planning Planning

Ben Malbon, Google

I was struck most by one unifying feature of every single presentation: the absolute humility and down-to-earthness of the presenters. 


Latest Videos: APG Noisy Thinking 

'The Right to Disconnect'

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