50 Years of Planning Party, April 2018

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MRBA Skills

A new bursary scheme for UK researchers

APG members who need research skills can apply to get free funding for the MRS Advanced Certificate through the MRBA. 

New Year and New Era for the APG

A sad farewell to Chair Matt Tanter and a big welcome to Vicki Holgate.

Podcast Recommendations

Top podcast recommendations from the APG community on advertising, digital, leadership, culture and more... Take a look, have a listen and let us know what you think. 

APG Noisy Thinking with Adam Morgan

29th January at 6.30pm

Adam Morgan will talk about the themes that are most useful to planners and strategists working on client business and give lots of inspiration for positioning and growing brands.

Read the APG Long Term Thinking Papers

Click through to read the Long Term Thinking papers that were presented at Noisy Thinking.

Strategic Development of Brands

From the APG’s extensive archives, housed in technically advanced cardboard boxes, we’ve unearthed all sort of treasures from the early days including this speech made by Stephen King at the APG’s One Day Event in 1988. Also, notably, the year of Planning’s 20th birthday.


Noisy Thinking

29th January 2020

Tickets coming soon


Strategic Thinking

17th & 18 February 2020

Essential Planning Skills

Starts 4th March 2020

Agile Strategy

10th & 11th March 2020


Planning Fundamentals (New)

1st & 2nd April 2020

Integrated Planning

22nd April 2020

Visual Narrative and Keynote

14th May 2020

Behavioural Science to Solve Advertising Challenges

1st July 2020

Why did nobody teach me this stuff?

8th & 15th September 2020

Holding Your Own with Senior Clients

29th September 2020

Latest Videos: APG Noisy Thinking 

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