APG Creative Strategy Awards 2021

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What is Great Creative Strategy?

In an era when Ben Schott of Bloomberg bemoaned the ubiquity of identikit “blands” that were pervasive amongst new tech brands, and the global ad industry ended up making the same ad, frame by frame, in response to Covid-19, it’s never been more important to champion the very best in creative strategy.


Great creative strategy takes brands and businesses and organisations to the polar opposite of the aforementioned examples. Firstly it is truly original, which means that when the dominant convention is to stick closely to the familiar well-trodden path, creative strategy forges new ones. Secondly, it confers on its businesses, an unfair competitive advantage. A brand that is able, through its sheer strength of appeal and distinctiveness to charge a price premium, to gain audiences that others have spent decades struggling to attract, to have a path to sustainable, long-term growth.


Thirdly, it results in creative output that reminds us all, that whilst optimization and conversion are essential hygiene factors, the rich emotional power of original ideas, and the many wonderful forms that creativity can take today, is still unique in its power to transform.

Long Term Thinking Category

This is for a campaign that has run for 5 years or more and is still running. It awards the strategic thinking that has successfully and actively guided the brand or business over that time. 


It is a separate category and the papers entered will be judged alongside each other, and not with the papers submitted to the overall Creative Strategy Awards 2021.  

Important Dates

See below for important dates for the APG Creative Strategy Awards 2021.

Awards Launch

Date: 21st January 2021

Time: 5.30pm-6pm GMT

Submissions Close

31st March 2021


6th & 27th May 2021

Shortlist Announced

3rd June 2021

Final Judging Presentations

8th & 9th September 2021

More Information

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