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The Customer Activity Cycle

This a model and a workshop exercise that we brought back from HyperIsland’s Master Class, and it stands us in excellent stead for identifying what the real value of a brand and business to a real person is, in real life. (Whiles I’m here I should recommend for loads of great exercises, models and tools to help you structure complex projects – or even deceptively simple ones!)

I attach a fuller write up of the CAC in action during an afternoon or morning workshop (CAC Moderator’s notes)

If you are creating one collectively (and I do recommend it, there’s nothing like it for creating a collective view of the brand in action with your client and partners) then I’d aim to end up with a single CAC – if you need to split out into groups then get the groups to focus on different sections. I’ve tried merging four workshopped CACs after the event – trust me, if you don’t want to spend a week covered in very similar-but-not-quite-the-same sticky notes.

You can present data and insight to be included in the CAC in a more formal way at the beginning, show some research debrief stimulus or just imagine the customer and use your instincts… or a combination. Or indeed a whole new, exciting way of bringing a real person to life for the group. (You could even bring one with you)

Fern Miller

International Chief Strategy and Insight Officer at DigitasLBi

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