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Robots, Revolution and the Reinvention of Tribal Societies

What do people do when confronted with unfettered technological change?

According to Kate Fox they simply start reinventing the social dynamics of ancient, tribal societies. Kate Fox; a brilliant social anthropologist is about to publish a new book that looks at contemporary life from the evolution perspective and she will be at APG Strategy vs Robots kicking off the debate on how human beings are shaping social media and the age of the algorithm to their own ends.

Whether you're inspired by the prospects for infinite robotic change or fearing the death of creativity by algorithm, we think it's time that we get together as a strategy community and start to debate the implications of this revolution in our industry and our world.

Our other keynote speaker, Steve Hilton, likes to shake things up and above all, he wants a debate. So join him, Kate, and bunch of other brilliant speakers on 25th May to do just that.

Sarah Newman

APG Director

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