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10 Characteristics of a Planner

On 20th April 2017, 60 lucky APG Young Planners spent an evening with Jim Carroll, the former Chairman and Planning Director of BBH London, as he reflected on his 30 years in advertising.

He also shared with us 10 characteristics he thinks a Planner has and a few top tips to follow. I have also included some links to Jim's blog where you can find more examples and articles focusing on each of these characteristics.

1. The outsider

Outsiders look harder, see more and, have a better ability to observe others. Cherish being the 'quiet voice' amidst the 'everyday loud' Read more about the importance of being an outsider here

2. The listener

Listening is a creative act. Good listeners ask questions, create conversations, and are fully engaged. It is difficult in a world full of distractions, but listening can be a critical skill that can help you progress in your career. So don’t just hear. Listen. Read more on listening here

3. The persuader

It's not enough to be right, we have to persuade others that we are right. Lots of people are right, but not many know the art of persuasion. Read more on persuasion here

4. The simplifier

Planners can sometimes fall victim to complexity, but it is their job to bring simplicity to the complex. Read more on keeping things simple here

5. The partner

Partnership and teamwork skills are extremely important. To have a successful partnership, find people who are good at what you aren't good at. Read more about networking and teamwork here

6. The egotist

Bring your own personal passions into your work. The value you add is in your differences. Read more here

7. The doubter

Jim is not a fan of full clarity. Sometimes not all questions have a right or wrong answer. Seeking complete clarity can close doors to new opportunities and analysis. Read more on doubt here

8. The doer

"Establish what you’re good at and do it in a bigger, bolder way."

9. The enthusiast

Enthusiasm is the critical factor that drives success. Jim believes that "positive people have bigger, better ideas"

10. The believer

Believe in what you do and others will follow.


Jim writes a blog once a week. You can check it out here or follow him on Twitter for updates

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