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Why YouTube Works should matter to planners

We set up YouTube Works 3 years ago as a YouTube specific effectiveness competition. It was in part a response to wildly inconsistent standards across the online video market. We wanted to show that YouTube - not the cheapest place to run a video ad online, but with considerably better standards for viewability and audability - was worth paying for. What better way to do so than by showing real cases of Youtube working for advertisers? As the original online video platform, we also felt we had a responsibility to lead the way for the market, and provide the industry with the opportunity to hold us to account.

But with so many awards schemes to enter, why should planners bother with this one? To paraphrase my esteemed former boss Craig Mawdsley, channels like YouTube are moving from the periphery to the core of many media plans. If you’re a planner wanting to drive effectiveness for your clients, surely it’s up to you to establish whether these channels are doing the job. If they aren’t, stop using them - but if they are, spread the knowledge and understanding of how to use them well. YouTube Works is a chance for planners to do that, and get credit for it. We can promise you’ll be in excellent company: With judging panels presided over by first Craig, and then Alison Hoad, we’ve seen winners from the best brands and agencies out there - have a read of 2018’s winners here. And submit your paper here.

YouTube Works is about online video growing up. Write a paper and help us get it there.


How to Win Event: 6th February 2019

On Wednesday 6th February, we are hosting a ‘How to Win’ event at Google HQ where you’ll hear from the 2019 Chair of Judges and Wavemaker’s CSO, Verra Budimlija and further words of wisdom from fellow judge Neil Godber, Head of Planning at JWT. You’ll also get first-hand tips from a past winner. They’ll all share their knowledge on the awards process and offer top tips on writing a winning paper.

Venue: Google UK, Central Saint Giles, London WC2H 8AG

Timings: Arrival 6pm and finish at 7.15pm, followed by drinks.

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