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APG Student & Young Planner Awards 2015

In Partnership with Daniel Marks London

In 2015 we held the first ever APG Awards for students, graduates and Young Planners. 


Entrants were to answer a live brief created jointly by Leo Burnett and McDonald's.


How do you make a 47 year old product (The Big Mac) relevant to 16-24 year olds? 


Submissions were judged by a panel of industry experts that awarded thinking based on genuine consumer insight and ideas that would be successful in the amongst the audience. 


The winner in the students and graduate category won a 6-week internship at Fallon and automatic fast-tracking to the final stage of recruitment for Leo Burnett’s graduate micro-agency, The Foundry.


The Young Planner won an APG Creative Strategy Award and had their paper published in our 2015 APG Creative Strategy Award Book. See below for the winners in each category.

Young Planner Winners


Louise Windo | DigitasLBi, London

​The Big Mac was once a rite of passage.  A stepping stone to adulthood.  But times have changed for McDonald’s, and for the people who eat there. 


We can give young people a reason to feel warm and fuzzy about the Big Mac (and McDonald’s) again by turning this relic of the past into a beacon for the future.

To do this, McDonald’s has a secret weapon.  75% of their employees are in this target group.  They’re a highly captive audience, and they’re very well-connected.

We can make the Big Mac relevant again by transforming it into the cornerstone of a Kickstarter-style platform that finds the next big thing behind McDonald’s counters – allowing other young people to discover, support and celebrate the untapped potential of their generation.  And all for the price of a burger.


Student & Graduate Winners


Steph Simon | University of the West of England

My aim was to make the word 'big' ownable to the Big Mac but in terms of feeling not size. The events that surround the purchase of a Big Mac are often emotionally charged, so much so that we look back on those moments and smile. 


I propose we create a campaign that uses crowdsourcing to show these little moments that feel like big moments when we look back. 


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