During the course of 2018 we’ll be doing a number of things to mark this auspicious anniversary.

It seems likely that Planning first opened its doors for business in JWT on the 28th October 1968.

So as that’s a Sunday in 2018 we’re at liberty to celebrate throughout the year and we’ll be

doing just that. As well as marking the Almost Actual Date. Of course.

Here’s a pre-taster of what we have planned and a couple of dates for your diary.

Rated #1 Book in Advertising on Amazon

This a new book that we will be publishing in the spring.  It’s the latest APG Planning handbook and will be an invaluable guide to younger planners and strategists. 


Written by Planning and Effectiveness Legends Les Binet and Sarah Carter, it is a How To guide to the whole process of planning a campaign.It includes key questions to ask at every stage, lots of best practice examples and the marketing and strategic wisdom that underpins the most important planning principles. 

More Information About the Book
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​If you would like to order more than 20 copies please contact troubadour via email on enquiries@troubador.co.uk quoting the book title and bulk quantity required and they will be able to work out a more preferable shipping rate then if you try and order online through their site.

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We announce this exciting new APG initiative to celebrate 50 years of Planning by investing in tomorrow’s senior strategists and original strategic thinking.

Training Bursaries

Individuals can make an application for funding up to £3,000 in 2018/2019.  They will need to put a proposal to a sub-committee that demonstrates a genuine need for funding over and above (or in place of) training or development that their company could or should offer. They will be required to explain what skills they will learn as a result and how the training will help them develop them as a strategist and hence benefit the community overall.

New Thinking Grants

This is open to individuals or teams who can make an application for funding of up to £5,000. Their proposal will need to outline the scope of their theme or research, the time it will take to be completed, and a fairly precise view of the output (book, chapter, original research etc.) APG will actively encourage joint projects with academia and innovation groups outside of our immediate industry. Applicants will also have to show how the thinking or output will be used and how it will benefit the community as a whole

Devotees of either the British Museum or Radio 4 (or both..you are planners after all) will be familiar with the concept of telling the history of civilisation through a number of exemplar pieces or objects.  We’re working with John Griffiths and Anna Thairs to do for Planning what Neil MacGregor did for the BM. We’ve got a good starter list (and yes they are all objects – even if they are objects that exemplify concepts) find out how to nomintate an object here.