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APG Creative Strategy Awards 2015

In association with Google

For the 2015 APG Creative Strategy Awards we intend, as always, to award strategic excellence. But we also wish to showcase how strategy is changing and evolving to meet the demands of a changing and evolving world and how great strategy can be the most effective way to navigate and succeed in the new world.


So for 2015 we put an extra emphasis on 'strategies with influence'. By this, we mean:

'Cases that show the influence of strategic thinking not just on the creative idea or campaign but also show how it influenced - or continues to influence - brand, consumers, categories, employees or the wider society and world around us'



This Girl Can


Title: This Girl Can: giving judgement the finger
Summation: This is a campaign operating at a fundamentally cultural level; an example to every brand that the real solution to a communications problem lays in human empathy not magical technology. Peeling back barriers to enable an open and aspirational communication, this campaign not only overturned perceptions of women in sport, but women’s own perceptions of themselves, and what they can achieve. It is hard to overstate the importance of this campaign, and its influence.


Planned by: Nicola Willison and Vicki Holgate

Agency: FCB Inferno, London
Client: Sport England


adidas football


Title: Luis Suarez: Brand Strategist...

Summation: This is a campaign about confidence, showing just how richly human communications around this attribute can be, when linked to sport. Leveraging a divisive sporting “hero”, Adidas built a campaign whose aim was to generate reaction. And it did. But more than that, this effortlessly culturally aware campaign tapped into a trolling kind of vibe that persists in social media today, and turned it on its head.
Planned by: Michael Barrett
Agency: iris Worldwide, London
Client: adidas


Barclays Premier League


Title: #YouAreFootball: A new way to bring true fans closer

Summation: This is the story of how sponsorship had to get smart. It shows the move from “push” to “pull” marketing; an approach that puts the consumer, not the corporation, at the heart of the communications. This is a content strategy that really did put fans closer to football and the players, which in turn led to increased levels of trust and consideration.
Planned by: Thomas Henry
Agency: DARE, London
Client: Barclays


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