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Top tips on how to win when interviewed under pressure - with former Sky anchor, Linda Duberley

This year, we have a new format for judging the 2nd stage of the competition.

Those lucky enough to be short-listed for a prize will give a 5 minute précis of their strategy to the judges, who will have read their paper in advance. There will then be a Q&A discussion, and your performance will determine the prize you get - bronze, silver, gold or Grand Prix.

So for our second How to Win evening we're going to help with advice on how to triumph in this kind of situation.

We are delighted to be joined by Linda Duberly, former Sky anchor who will be sharing her invaluable advice on how to come out top when being interviewed by a panel or single interviewer.

So come along to Google on the 25th February to hear from Linda and from Tracey Follows, APG Chair, who will talk more about the theme for this year's awards: 'Strategies with Influence'

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